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At Plastech, our experience means we know what it takes to create packaging that sells products.
As a leading transparent packaging supplier to the UK for over half a century, we always look to innovate. The only limit to what we can create is our imagination.
With Plastech as your plastic packaging supplier, you can rest easy that a team of experienced industry professionals is eager to assist with your packaging requirements.

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A Packaging Solution for Every Need

At Plastech, we offer a wide range of plastic packaging products that we produce and supply ourselves according to your unique requirements.

Plastic Tubes

Our range of transparent and coloured plastic tube containers with closures are suitable for various requirements, including protecting and transporting fragile items and storing and displaying industrial and retail items.

Plastic Cartons

Plastech’s clear folding cartons, box sleeves & wraps come in various shapes and styles. Plastic folding cartons combine clarity and design to ensure product visibility and customised printing, labelling, or hot foil blocking.

Plastic Trays & Lids

Our clear plastic packaging trays and lids are available with four welded corners or as self-assembly D-lock trays with lids. They are perfect for company gifts or branding as we can also supply them as slip lids with added surface graphics using silk-screen printing or hot foil blocking.

Clamshell Packaging

We offer over 80 standard options in our range of clamshell packs and clamshell bowls.

These unique plastic boxes are tough and durable and can be customised with card inserts. Clamshell packaging is popular with retailers as it allows products to be displayed while minimising theft and damage.

Cardboard Packaging

While we specialise in extrusion and injection moulded plastics, we also offer cardboard packaging in the form of cardboard boxes, corrugate boxes, and bespoke presentation boxes which are designed to provide maximum protection.

Injection Moulding

As one of Scotland’s leading injection moulding manufacturers, we have reliably supplied many different markets, including medical, food, confectionery, cosmetics, packaging, engineering, electronics, and more.

Our injection moulding capabilities illustrate our high capacity as a plastic packaging manufacturer.

Medical-Grade Packaging

Plastech Packaging & Healthcare Ltd are committed to manufacturing medical-grade packaging that both medical and pharmaceutical companies and practitioners can utilise with peace of mind.

We have been producing medical tubes, injection moulded plastic components, and medical-grade packaging for the medical device industry for over 40 years.

Custom Plastic Packaging

Plastech Ltd is known for creating custom injection moulded parts for clients in multiple industries, from containers to product packaging in a range of materials and plastics.

We can manufacture products from our standard range or we can mould them according to your requirements and follow your designs. We can even take a standardised product – be it custom engineering parts or food containers – and add a personal touch that is in line with both your branding and our quality.

With our in-house printing facility and designing services, your products will be different from the rest.

Choose your shape, dimensions, and other details, and then choose from our range of materials and plastics. Our plastics include PVC, ABS, PP, PS, PE, PETG, HDPE, and Acetate.

With Plastech, you can have high-quality products and stand out from your competitors!

From Design to Production

Our process and services take you from the first stage of designs all the way to the final steps of manufacturing your extruded, injection moulded, or die-cut plastics and products.

Whether you’re looking for injection moulded components or closures and caps for tube cores, we can mould plastic to your exact specifications and use our services to generate the best results.

In order to take you from concept right up to the finished products, each process is completed at an expert level with an experienced plastic expert at the helm of each project.

Design Process

Concepts and ideas

Product design using 3D CAD Software

Rapid prototyping models

Tool design

Pre-production sampling

Manufacturing Process

Injection moulding of plastics

Extrusion moulding of plastics

Die Cut Packaging

Printing and branding of products via silk-screen printing, pad printing, or hot foil blocking

Production and assembly

Plastic Packaging Experts in the UK

We manufacture with a wide range of plastic materials, one way or another.

Plastech’s plastic packaging can provide a solution to all your packaging needs.

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