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Clear Plastic Tube Packaging

Clearly Designed to Promote, Clearly Designed to Display

When it comes to tube packaging, Plastech combines practicality with presentation to provide clear tubes you can count on to protect and promote your products. Our clear plastic tubes are ideal for a range of requirements, from protecting and transporting fragile items to storing and displaying tools and retail items. We design our plastic packaging tubes with the end applications in mind to ensure excellent resistance and maximum storage protection.

The Plastech team has extensive experience and expertise and can manufacture protective plastic tubes suited to your specific applications. We can also customise plastic tubing for your promotional or seasonal needs with printing and labelling.

Our open-ended plastic tubes are supplied with two closures and our transparent plastic tube sealed containers are made with a sealed base and one closure to provide you with a secure pack. Each tube manufactured by Plastech goes through rigorous quality checks to ensure it meets our high standards.

Let our experts design the perfect plastic packaging tube for your products!

Minimum Order Quantity: 1,000

Tubes & Containers

Tube Cores

Medical Tubes

Uniquely Designed for You

Our design and sales team will be happy to assist with your project, from concept to completion. Our clear plastic tubes can be manufactured to your exact requirements, including the colour, material and length. We can also print or label your packaging tubes with your brand or corporate colours. 

Let our clear tube packaging show what you can do.

Find out more about the wide range of plastic cylinder packaging tubes we can produce for you below. We offer quick service delivery and short lead times on clear packaging tubes ordered from the popular sizes in our standard range.

Our Trusted Range of Clear Plastic Tubes

We have the largest range of sizes and lengths of transparent plastic tubes in the UK — from large plastic tubes to small plastic tubes and everything in between.

This means you can expect short lead times on orders of our popular sizes and lengths (especially for plastic tubes that are already in stock), with no expensive tooling costs.

For custom plastic tube packaging, our design team can assist you with designing the perfect tubes for your needs, including printing and labelling. Simply send over a few details and we will create the perfect tube packaging for your products.

Thick & Thin Plastic Tubing

Wall thickness is the difference between a protected product and a damaged one. Our protective plastic tubes are available in a range of wall thicknesses, including thin-wall plastic tubing, medium-wall tubing, and thick-wall tubing for all levels of product protection.

Our thin plastic display tubes are sought after for their protection and impact strength, while our thick-wall clear plastic tube range is made to endure rugged handling in transit.

We have plastic tubes in stock and an option to customise plastic tubing according to your applications and sizing needs, including dimensions, wall thickness and tube length.

Various Sizes to Fit All Needs

Whether you want large plastic cylinder tubes, smaller thin-wall clear plastic tubes for packaging, or clear plastic postal tubes, we can manufacture and supply your containers in the correct size, including any size from 7mm to 70mm (diameter), so they meet the requirements of your desired applications. 

We can even produce transparent plastic tubes with a square form if that is what you are looking for.

For plastic tubing in specific sizes that meet your packaging needs, we require all relevant product packaging details, including dimensions like diameters and lengths.

A Variety of Materials

You can choose between PETG, PVC, or Acetate tube packaging (among others) when designing the plastic tube for your products.

Clear PVC tube packaging makes for a versatile choice in various sectors owing to it being lightweight, rigid, and abrasion-resistant.

Clear Plastic Packaging Tubes

Our range of clear packaging tubes can be manufactured and supplied in clear, translucent, opaque, or special finishes.

We have a range of transparent tubes to showcase your stock on display shelves and in retail storerooms.

An Efficient & Convenient Plastic Storage Tube

Our plastic tubing for packaging not only looks neat and saves space, but when opting for our transparent tube range, it is also time-saving, as they perfectly display their contents.

For example, due to offering excellent optical clarity, our clear tube for food packaging looks great in a restaurant pantry and allows staff to differentiate between spaghetti and fettuccine without having to open the plastic tubes.

Explore our Range

Read more about our selection and capabilities for lightweight clear plastic packaging tubes.

Tube Cores

We offer strong, clean, and water-resistant plastic storage tubes (or plastic tube cores) to a wide range of industries. The Plastech team can also manufacture tube cores according to your exact requirements. We offer same-day quotes on your clear plastic tubing requirements.

Call us on 01592 752212 for free samples of your plastic cores!

A Range of Polymer Material Options

Our tube cores are available in a wide range of polymer materials, including PVC, ABS, PP, PS, and PE. Each is carefully selected and moulded according to each client’s bespoke needs and applications. PVC is a particularly popular choice for packaging because of its easy-to-clean properties and being impermeable to germs.

A Solution for Multiple Sectors

Our extruded core tubing supplies industries that manufacture food products, twines, stocking nets, labels, foils, plastic bags, stretch wrap, paper, and more.

We have a packaging solution suitable for many industries, including the food service industry, and can package products of any length or form, including products that have an unusual length or irregular form.

Injection Moulded End Caps

To match each plastic tube, we can also make caps and plugs as the perfect partner for your clear plastic tubes packaging. These are ideal as tube stoppers.

A Longer-Lasting Alternative

Our clients have found that our core tubes in plastic last far longer than cardboard because these plastic cylinder tube cores can also be used in wet or inclement conditions.

Discover our Range

Read more about our tubing range and capabilities for plastic tube cores.

Medical Tubes

Plastech Group is the leading medical plastic tubing supplier in Scotland, making us your go-to for clear plastic tubes in the UK. 

Medical and pharmaceutical companies use our plastic clear tube range along with our in-house printing facilities for the required markings and graduations.

40+ Years in the Medical Device Sector

We have over 40 years of experience in developing specialised extruded plastic medical tubing together with our medical device partners to ensure each unit we manufacture and supply meets the required medical-grade requirements for its unique applications.

Each extruded plastic tubing product is manufactured and supplied by us under strict quality conditions within a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) controlled environment.

A Range of Standard Materials

Plastech’s medical tubing offers impact strength and can be used for various medical applications.

Our medical tubing products include extruded plastic manometer tubes and burette infusion tubes. They are available in a range of standard materials, including Cellulose Acetate, PETG, and PVC.

We have also developed and manufactured a range of protective thin-walled tube packaging in plastic.

Customisable Clear Tubes for Medical Applications

We do the branding for your medical tubing at our in-house printing facility.

Whatever size, design, colour or material you need, we can make transparent plastic tubes with graduations to suit your specifications and desired lengths. Send us a few details, and we will take care of everything for you, from design to delivery.

Medically Minded

We have the capabilities to conform to sterile packaging requirements, which we do with our clear medical packs designed for Gamma or ETO sterilisation. These can be 100% air leak tested utilising our custom testing equipment.

Our thin-walled clear plastic tube range with excellent optical clarity was developed for added protection despite its thinness.

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Minimum Order Quantities

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