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Medical Grade Packaging

Plastech has been one of the UK’s most trusted packaging suppliers for over 50 years.

We’ve been in business for a long time and have become experts in the design and production of protective thin-walled packaging for the medical device industry.

Used for a wide range of applications in multiple sectors, our packaging offers reliability, durability, and the highest level of protection for sterile & non-sterile products. Our range has been developed alongside our healthcare and medical partners.

Our trusted medical device packaging is manufactured from high-quality medical-grade Cellulose Acetate, PETG, or PVC in a GMP-controlled environment.

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Medical Tubes & Packaging

50+ Years Manufacturing Packaging for Medical Devices


From IV catheter packaging to packaging for surgical instruments and joint replacement components, Plastech’s range of ISO 9001:2015 QMS certified sterile medical device packaging can be used for a wide range of medical applications in hospitals and in the Dental, Veterinary, and ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) sectors.

Our sterile medical device packaging is the product of years of development in our knowledge of sterilisation methods & sterile barrier systems, medical/pharmaceutical packaging, regulatory processes, sealing & protection, package integrity, and package strength.

We’ve been in the business of healthcare packaging for a long time because we consistently deliver the quality that our discerning customers demand. When you choose Plastech as your packaging supplier, you get the benefit of our expertise and our dedicated in-house team of packaging designers.

Get in contact with our medical device packaging experts today to discuss your needs!

Get in contact with our packaging experts today and let’s discuss your needs!


Wide Range of Packaging for Medical Devices

Plastech has been a trusted choice for medical device, pharmaceutical, and specialised sterile packaging manufacturers and suppliers across the UK and Europe for decades.

Since our inception, we have perfected the art of producing high-performance sterile packaging for medical components and single use medical devices such as catheters and needles. Our protective packaging ranges from pouches and containers for orthopaedic implants to surgical presentation trays and plastic tube medical packaging.

We also manufacture Medical Tubes, Medical Burettes & Plastic Medical Components.

IV Catheter Packaging

Available in based clean tube packs with caps that integrate Tyvek medical grade paper and thermoformed plastic or rigid, impact-resistant PETG thermoformed trays, our intravenous catheter packaging offers superior protection against contamination and damage before use.

Thoracic & Trocar Catheter Packaging

Our thick-walled PETG or PVC catheter tubes are easy to use and provide the sterile barrier and protection needed to keep thoracic and trocar catheters free from contaminants and damage during transportation and storage.

Surgical Instrument Packaging

Plastech’s packaging for surgical instruments includes plastic and medical grade paper trays. These offer greater resistance against tearing and an effective SBS (Sterile Barrier System) that protects the contents against microbial contamination.

Orthopaedic Joint Replacement Components Packaging

We offer a range of standard & custom made extruded tube containers that are specially designed with superior structural rigidity and impact-resistant packaging materials. This offers greater product protection against contamination and damage such as tears and punctures.

Screws and Implants Packaging

Our range of stock standard & custom made packaging for medical screws and implants includes rigid PETG and PVC extruded container systems that are designed to protect the contents against damage and contamination during transportation, handling, and storage.

Medical Rigid Tubing for Packaging

Rigid extruded medical tubes are an affordable, durable, and reusable packaging solution. Our rigid medical tube packaging is made from sterilisable medical-grade thermoplastic, a packaging material that offers exceptional protection for delicate medical devices.

We can also make rigid plastic tubing according to your specifications.

High Performance Medical Grade Materials

The materials we use to manufacture our packaging offer superior structural strength and sealing while also providing an excellent microbial barrier to ensure integrity.

Our sealing process and sterile barrier systems help to maintain the sterile integrity of the contents until they are opened and ensure greater protection against tearing and puncturing while in transit and storage.

Our material selection includes:

PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol)

PETG has a rigid structure that allows it to withstand harsh Ethylene Oxide and Gamma sterilisation methods. This makes it an excellent material for medical device packaging. We use only the best PETG for our moulded trays and blister packaging.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

PVC is widely used for pharmaceutical packaging because it offers excellent structural rigidity, physical protection, thermoformability, strength, and chemical resistance.

It is also a low-cost packaging material and can be easily sterilised using radiation or ethylene oxide methods.

Cellulose Acetate

Cellulose Acetate is a popular material for medical packaging because it has high transparency, excellent mechanical strength, good resistance to chemicals, and superior heat sealing properties.

Medical Grade Paper

Made from medical Tyvek materials, our medical grade paper offers strength and acts as a durable, protective barrier for medical devices such as based tubes for catheters. Our medical paper also offers excellent microbial, tear, and puncture resistance.

Greater Package Integrity

Medical device packaging enhances the shelf life of products by maintaining the sterility of the contents. The longer healthcare packaging can maintain its integrity, the longer products remain sterile. All our designing and performance testing procedures are done with this in mind so we can provide our clients with sterile medical/pharmaceutical packaging that provides the highest level of protection and a clean peel.

Our plastic medical packaging will maintain its integrity throughout its shelf-life, even with coatings and in storage conditions that vary in temperature, air pressure, and humidity.

Tear Resistance

Made from high-grade materials, our packaging is more resistant to tearing and puncturing. This gives your product longer shelf life and prevents it from getting damaged before use.

Seal Strength

Our medical caps are designed to offer more seal strength and are for EO sterilisation. Superior sealing acts as a microbial barrier and ensures the packaging is safely sealed up until use.

Microbial Barrier

The durable materials we use adhere to medical packaging standards and offer a strong microbial barrier that protects the contents from contamination.

Sterilisation Methods

Plastech’s sterile medical device packaging has a sterile barrier system and is designed to withstand Gamma and Ethylene Oxide (EO) sterilisation methods. Our sterilization method using irradiation or gas, such as Gamma or Ethylene Oxide (EO), enables full penetration of the fully packed device without affecting the package integrity.

Read more about our quality systems and medical manufacturing environments.

Custom Designed, Innovative Packaging Solutions

Need medical grade packaging designed according to your exact specifications? Our experienced in-house team of packaging engineers and designers can work with you to produce bespoke designs that suit your exact needs.

Whether you need pharmaceutical packaging with specific properties or packaging for custom products, Plastech prides itself on offering made-to-order packaging solutions that look good and that can withstand the rigours of the medical field.

Our clients trust us to design and manufacture high-performance medical packaging that meets their sterility needs, production specifications, and patient safety requirements.

In-House Design Team

We have a dedicated in-house team of packaging engineers and designers who are experienced in producing packaging for the medical and healthcare industries. You will have access to their expertise as they work with you to ensure you get exactly what you need from your medical device packaging. Our team will be available every step of the way, from design to delivery.

Value Added Services

To ensure you get exactly what you need, we offer several design and finishing services. If you want to design custom packaging for your medical devices and products, we offer an in-house design service. And if you want to add branding to your packaging, we do that too!

Our Value Added Services include:

  • Packaging Design

  • Silk Screen Printing

  • Labelling

  • Hot Foil Blocking

  • Print Finishing and Assembly

Our High Quality Medical/Pharmaceutical Packaging Promise

We believe the control and maintenance of quality is the responsibility of all staff. This philosophy is inherent in our staff training programmes as we strive to achieve total customer satisfaction. Every order is subjected to our stringent contract review procedure to ensure that exact customer requirements are met before production planning.

Compliance with Medical Packaging Standards

Plastech is in compliance with the ISO 9001 international standard.

This means our clients are guaranteed products that meet the regulatory requirements and are manufactured using only high-grade materials and strictly regulated processes.

Our Quality Management System (QMS) is certified to ISO 9001:2015.

Medical Manufacturing Environments

Our manufacturing environment and QMS reflect the requirements of the Medical and Healthcare markets we supply. Our production facility is equipped with state of the art equipment and technology that has been designed specifically for the manufacture of sterile ISO certified medical packaging.

Controlled Environment

Each piece of non-sterile packaging is manufactured under strict conditions within a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) environment. Our controlled environment meets all the regulatory requirements and operators are gowned accordingly in cleanroom garments at all times.


Our cleanroom has been designed and validated to BS EN ISO 14644-1 Class 7.

We use HEPA filters to remove particulate matter from incoming air and maintain a positive pressure in excess of 15 pascals at all times to prevent the ingress of airborne contaminants into the work area.

Surfaces are constructed from stainless steel to maintain hygiene standards and our staff are trained in cleanroom procedures and the philosophy behind cleanroom manufacture.

Trusted Medical Packaging Experts in the UK

Based in Scotland but with clients throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, Plastech is trusted for its expertise and experience in producing specialist medical device packaging for the medical/pharmaceutical sector and various other industries.

We have been in the packaging business for 50+ years, so we have learned a thing or two about what it takes to make packaging that meets the rigorous standards of the medical/pharmaceutical industry. Whatever packaging for medical devices you need, Plastech’s team of packaging designers and engineers have a wealth of expertise & experience in producing safe, high performance medical grade packaging you can depend on.

We’ve also figured out how to streamline processes and work smart to keep costs down, which means we can offer our customers competitive prices and still deliver the same quality medical device packaging they have come to expect from the Plastech brand.

For medical device manufacturers you can depend on, get in touch with Plastech today!

Ordering & Delivery

Plastech’s facilities are based in Glenrothes, central Scotland, so we offer quick turnaround times to most areas, including Glasgow and Edinburgh. We pride ourselves on our consistency in product quality and customer service — which includes doing everything possible to ensure you have the right packaging when you need it, every time.

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