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Clear Retail Tubes

Our clear plastic tubes for use in the retail sector are the perfect tube containers when it comes to displaying and protecting your products.

Whether you need protection from high impact during storage and transportation or an attractive packaging tube that displays and promotes your products, our clear tube containers are the packaging solution for you.

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1,000

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Plastic Tubes for Crafts

Plastic Tubes for All Retail Applications

Our clear plastic packaging tubes have been used as containers for industrial and retail products
Our customer base spans a number of different markets and has found aesthetically pleasing package protection for their products with our range of clear plastic tubes — available with or without caps.

Cost-Effective Plastic Tubes

We manufacture extruded clear plastic tubes in small and large quantities so our packaging fees are cost effective.
We do not add expensive tooling costs to your quotes and offer a number of value-added services, including design, project management, and assembly. Plastech is your one-stop-shop for packaging — from design to delivery.

Standard or Custom Retail Tubes

Not only do we have the largest range of sizes in the UK when it comes to our selection of clear plastic packaging tubes, but we are also able to design and create custom clear plastic tubes based on the specifications and dimensions of your products.   
Our standard clear retail tubes are available in rigid and semi-rigid plastics and with a sealed base and caps for closure. 
For our custom clear plastic tubes, we make the package container according to the size, length, and material specifications of each customer to ensure their products will fit inside perfectly.

Clear Packaging Material

Depending on the application or contents of your tubes, clear plastic materials from our range can be chosen. 
These clear plastic packaging materials include:
  • Rigid or semi-rigid PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
  • Recyclable and economical PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol)
  • Eco-friendly CA (Cellulose Acetate)
  • Food-safe PP (Polypropylene)
  • Impact-resistant PE (Polyethylene)

Style, Shape & Size 

If you can’t find the tube package for your products in our standard range, we can design and manufacture custom packaging tubes so your products fit in seamlessly with your product range and company branding.
Whether it requires a long or short length, small or wide diameter, or thin or thick wall, we can create the packaging containers for your needs. We can also customise the shapes and styles depending on if your products require traditional round tubes or square cylindrical containers
Another choice you have is in the types of caps and plastic closures for your containers. We can make them with sealed bases and offer a wide array of cap colours to match your retail store branding.  

Retail Branding & Labelling 

One of our additional capabilities is that over and above the manufacturing of plastic tubes, we can print directly on the plastic or apply your branded labels
Our branding finishing services include:
  • Silk Screen Printing
  • Labelling 
  • Hot Foil Blocking 
Our in-house design team is made up of experts in packaging who are happy to assist you with manufacturing the perfect clear plastic tubing for your retail needs.

Clear Plastic Tubes that Display & Protect

Plastech Packaging & Healthcare Ltd has over 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing plastic packaging tubes.
Clear round tubing containers, such as those in our range, offer clients a cost-effective packaging solution that looks and feels good. This protects the products while also promoting them with beautifully designed branding and finishing features. 

High Quality Products at Competitive Prices

As the largest UK manufacturer of extruded clear tubes for retail packaging, we can offer you a quick turnaround at a competitive price. We are the clear choice when it comes to plastic packaging containers.
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