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Sharps Bins

At Plastech Packaging & Healthcare Ltd, we have developed and supplied a range of products designed for sharps disposal to reduce the spread of blood-borne viruses.

These sharps bins are the ideal solution for the safe management of healthcare waste and medicinal products.

As harm reduction schemes have grown and diversified, Plastech Packaging & Healthcare Ltd have developed a range of personal sharps bins to include the following:

  • Sharps Bin – Compak Model
  • Sharps Bin – Clearpak Model
  • Sharps Bin – Visibin Model
  • Sharps Bin – Pock-It Model

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Pack of 100

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Medical Sharps Bins

Sharps Compak

First specified at the outset of the Scottish Needle Exchange initiative, the original Sharps Black Compak Bin is still well established with users and carers in the harm reduction field.

These personal sharps containers can be customised to incorporate your harm reduction message.

Available in Black or Yellow PVC, Compak personal sharps bins are equipped with a clear base for easy inspection.

• Manufactured, tested and certified to BS7320: 1990
• UN 3291 Tested and Certified


• Non-return Aperture
• Clear Base Capacity
• 1ml syringes (15)
• 2ml syringes (10)
• 5ml syringes (5)

Sharps Clearpak

The Sharps Clearpak offers all-around visibility aiding complete inspection of the contents, making it suitable for other sharps applications within the harm reduction community.

Police and Emergency Services throughout the UK utilise the Clearpak sharps bins for collecting medical waste and other small sharp implements at the scene of an incident. This allows the contents to be safely labelled and stored for reference at a later date.

Local Authority cleansing departments have found the features and benefits of the Sharps Clearpak particularly suited to their needs.

Available in clear PVC plastic, the Clearpak sharps bins offer all-around visibility for easy identification of the contents.

• Manufactured, tested and certified to BS7320:1990

• UN 3291 Tested and Certified


• Non-return Aperture
• All Round Visibility Capacity
• 1ml syringes (15)
• 2ml syringes (10)
• 5ml syringes (5)

Sharps Visibin

The Sharps Visibin offers the same properties as our BSI Approved Compak Bin and is performance tested to the same exacting standards.

The Visibin is labelled and is the only personal sharps bin on the market that features a unique visibility panel, making it easier to assess and identify the contents.

Needle Exchanges that have switched to the Sharps Visibin have reported increases in return rates with positive feedback from the users and carers.

Available in clear PVC, the Visibin personal sharps bin offers a large inspection panel to easily identify the contents.

• Manufactured, tested and certified to BS7320:1990
• UN 3291 Tested and Certified


• Non-return Aperture
• Clear Base
• Large Inspection Panel Capacity
• 1ml syringes (15)
• 2ml syringes (10)
• 5ml syringes (5)

Sharps Pock-it

The Pock-It personal sharps container from Plastech Packaging & Healthcare Ltd has been designed in conjunction with user groups and carers from within the Harm Reduction sector.

These unique moulded personal sharps containers have been designed to discourage sharing and discarding of used medical waste.

Compact, tough and light, the Pock-It personal sharps bin is easy to carry, safe to use, and is the only product that renders the needle unusable.

• Manufactured, tested and certified to BS7320:1990
• UN 3291 Tested and Certified


• Non-return Aperture
• Accepts 10 1ml syringes
• Needles rendered unusable
• Handy Pocket Size
• Deterrent to discarding re-use of syringes
• Available in Black or Yellow

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What Are Sharps Bins?

Sharps bins, also known as sharps containers, are used as a temporary solution to store waste materials, particularly contaminated medical instruments such as used needles. The sharps waste container is kept on-site until it can be transported to a disposal facility.

Appropriate waste materials that you can safely dispose of in our sharps bins include syringes, tattoo needles, scalpels, hypodermic needles, insulin pens, piercing guns, pins, knives, staples, razor blades, contaminated plastic, and contaminated glass.

Medical, science, beauty businesses, and some households that use a syringe to inject medicine, use a sharps container to secure and get rid of sharps waste and medicines.

Some of the most common businesses that use sharp bins for disposing of and keeping medical waste secure include GP practices, tattoo studios, chemists, hospitals, dental clinics, nursing homes, pharmacies, veterinary clinics, and laboratories.

The Importance of Sharps Disposal

Contaminated sharps that have been used or have medicine residue on them can be unsafe to people and pets if unsafely disposed of because they can spread infection or cause an injury. This can pose a serious health risk — the most common infections that can spread include Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Hepatitis B (HBV), and Hepatitis C (HCV).

A sharps bin is essential for medical, science, and beauty waste products, or anyone that uses medicinal products or medical instruments, such as a syringe for health purposes. Healthcare waste is particularly dangerous because you can not always see if it is contaminated with the naked eye.

Given the danger of contaminated waste, the government requires everyone to be compliant with laws and regulations when using a needle bin to secure medical waste in the United Kingdom.

How to Dispose of Sharps Waste Safely

There are two steps that must be followed to ensure that the disposal of broken or contaminated waste products is carried out safely. This includes the storage of waste using the correct sharps box and using the right waste collector.

The small sharps bin must be coloured, with each sharp box having a specific coloured lid to easily identify the type of waste. Once the sharps boxes are full they must be disposed of immediately.

The guidelines for proper disposal are as follows:

  • Discard waste directly after use
  • Keep the sharps waste bins in a secure place away from children
  • Place sharps containers where they are easily reachable
  • Make sure bins are labelled to identify its waste stream
  • Assemble the sharps container correctly
  • Manage bin collection before it overfills
  • Inform all relevant personnel of disposal rules
  • Display proper disposal instructions

Different Types of Sharps Bins

A yellow sharps bin for waste disposal has lids with a distinct colour to match the storage description of the bin. All colour-coded lids, such as the yellow lid, represents a different waste type that can be disposed of safely to avoid the risk of infection or injury.

Orange Lid Containers

Used for the disposal of non-pharmaceutical and medical sharps waste, such as tattoo needles.

Yellow Lid Containers

Used for the storage of medical sharps waste, such as syringes.

Red Lid Containers

Used for the storage of contaminated sharps waste. This type of waste includes hazardous cytotoxic and cytostatic waste. Cytotoxic and cytostatic medicines are both dangerous because cytotoxic refers to substances that kill human cells and cytostatic refers to substances that promote cell growth.

An example of cytostatic medicines is needles and drips used for chemotherapy in cancer patients.

Purple Lid Containers

Used for the disposal of anatomical waste, such as blood bags.

Blue Lid Containers

Used for Covid-19 sharps waste, most commonly for the storage of PPE waste and expired pharmaceuticals.

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