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Plastech Medical Quality

At Plastech we believe the control and maintenance of quality is the responsibility of all staff. This philosophy is inherent in our staff training programmes as we strive to achieve total customer satisfaction.

All orders received are subjected to our stringent contract review procedure to ensure that exact customer requirements are met before production planning.

Our quality systems, manufacturing environments and products reflect the requirements of the Medical and Healthcare markets we supply.

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Medical Quality

Medical Manufacturing Environments

Plastech’s Controlled Environment manufacturing facility and its Cleanroom, equipped with laminar flow cabinets has been designed specifically for the manufacture of burettes, manometers, medical packaging and small injection moulded components Our engineering design team, and ISO 9001:2015 certification helps us to provide a diverse and innovative range of high performance products at an economical price regardless of quantity.

Controlled Environment

Our Controlled Environment operates with a positive air pressure and operators adhere to GMP and are gowned accordingly in cleanroom garments. Within this clean work area we have • 1 Extrusion Line • 1 Coextrusion Line • 2 Printers • Assembly workstations.


Our clean room has been designed, and validated to BS EN ISO 14644-1 Class 7. Within this work area we have: • 1 Coextrusion Line • 2 Injection Moulding Machines • 4 Laminar flow cabinets A bank of nine HEPA filters remove 99.999% of particulate matter from incoming air. A positive pressure in excess of 15 pascals is maintained at all times, preventing the ingress of airborne contaminants into the work area. Work surfaces are constructed from high grade stainless steel to ease cleaning and maintain hygiene standards. Our staff are trained in clean room procedures and carefully instructed on the philosophy behind clean room manufacture.