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Plastic sleeves that display and protect!

Turn plain boxes into bespoke, branded packaging that stands out and sells with packaging sleeves from Scotland’s leading plastic packaging manufacturer.

From custom made box wraps to generic plastic carton sleeves, we are known for our high quality, high-performance product packaging sleeves. We have an in-house team of packaging designers who can enhance the sales appeal of your display boxes by creating custom printed sleeve packaging according to your brand and needs.

Used to highlight seasonal promotions without changing your main packaging, Plastech’s transparent sleeves and wraps can be combined to great effect to display and protect your products.

Plastic sleeves are just one type of packaging we specialise in. Plastech is also the go-to manufacturer for Plastic TubesPlastic CartonsPlastic Trays & LidsClamshellsCardboard BoxesMedical Packaging, and Caps & Plugs.

Minimum Order Quantity: 1,000

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Die Cut Plastic Box Sleeves And Wraps
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Enhance the Appeal of Your Products

Die Cut Plastic Leaflet holders

Your product has an average of 7 seconds to make a good impression on a customer before they decide to move on to the next product on the shelf. With so little time to convince someone to choose your product over the others, appealing packaging is essential if you want to attract buyers.
Customers want packaging that is effective and attractive, so investing in your packaging is essential if you want to gain an edge over your competitors and boost your chances of selling your products.
Our packaging sleeves are designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind to ensure your product packaging has more sales appeal and your products, ultimately, stand out on the shelves.

Tear Resistant Die Cut Product Wraps

Display, Present, Protect

Die Cut Polypropylene (PP) and RPET or APET sleeves offer a secure and tear-resistant packaging alternative that can enhance and protect an existing packaging box.
We can design a wrap to fit the unique shape of your product as an alternative to using plastic boxes. A large range of clear, translucent, and coloured materials can be complemented by all our available print finishes to produce efficient and vibrant designs.
Our die-cut product wraps are available in Polypropylene, RPET, or APET. These hardy thermoplastics are optimised to use the least material to the biggest advantage. This makes them ideal for product and point of sale merchandising.
Sleeves are supplied flat and can be either glued or tabbed ready for use.

Plastic and Cardboard Combined

Clearly an Alternative Package!

Plastic die-cut product sleeves together with cardboard boxes can be used to create a premium look for your product box to truly enhance its sales appeal. You can showcase your brand logo and identity on your cardboard box and sleeve.
Packaging sleeves combined with cardboard provides an affordable, quality option for those wanting to make a statement by enabling them to enjoy printed sleeves within a box.

Aesthetics Meet Quality

Printed packaging sleeves for boxes look aesthetically pleasing while never compromising on quality.
You can choose or design plastic box sleeves that perfectly capture the essence of your products. Sleeve packaging for a custom plastic box or plastic sample box will draw attention to your product in an effort to showcase its best features and any relevant information.
Plastic sleeve packaging and a packaging sleeve box work together to present your product in the best light while still providing information in a way that doesn’t detract from the product itself.

Pair with Plastic Carton Packaging

When it comes to packaging solutions that offer cost-effectiveness and versatility, Plastech’s transparent plastic folding carton boxes meet all your display and gift packaging needs.
Eye-catching, cost-effective, and versatile, these clear folding cartons are the perfect choice for combining clarity and flexibility with the customisation benefits of packaging sleeves.
Sleeve printing is easily done by our expert team who can print the details on your box sleeve according to your specifications. A sleeve carton offers you a blank canvas to show off the value of your product.
For a presentation box, one of the most popular options for finishing the sleeve inside is to include a clear glossy die-cut sleeve.
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Sleeves Made From High-Quality Materials

The choice of material for your box sleeve is up to you, but we can guide you along the way too.
We offer a range of materials for you to choose from, depending on your needs.
We use three main types of plastic for our box sleeves:


Polypropylene (PP) is a more eco-friendly solution than plastic such as PVC and PET because of its reduced emissions and the fact that it is lighter than alternative materials.
PP sleeves are slightly softer and lighter than PVC and PET but are exceptionally durable and will maintain their structural integrity throughout their shelf life.
Sleeve packaging made from PP is ideal for products that will be used more than once or that are going to be shipped over a long distance.


rPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) is another environmentally-friendly material choice for sleeves. Our rPET is made up of approximately 30%-70% recycled materials.
The major benefits of rPET are that it has sound structural integrity and transparency. It offers optimal clarity and can be printed on with a high-quality result using a variety of printing techniques.


Plastech also offers APET (Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate) packaging sleeves. This is basically PET that is moulded in an amorphous state. PET is commonly used to manufacture water bottles, so you can expect similar benefits if you choose APET as your material of choice.
If your company follows a green protocol, our sleeves are an ideal packaging option for your products. Packaging sleeves made from Polypropylene, rPET, or APET are eco-friendly, effective, and make for easy surfaces to print on if you want to add branding or any other printing finishes.

How your Packaging Sleeves will be Secured

There are two options for sealing your product sleeves: Glue or Tabs.
Your product sleeves will be supplied flat and you can either have them made to be glued shut or tabbed ready for use. As they are supplied flat, they will be secured via folding edges to create the desired sturdy shape to cover and protect your product in its box.
Packaging sleeves can be open to the short edge, long edge, or just one edge. 

The Look & Feel of your Sleeves

When you add print on your packaging sleeve you are also enhancing its sales appeal. A die-cut plastic sleeve that has been printed on looks modern and stylish and offers a more cost-effective option than printing on an entire box.

Printing Finishes For Your Box Sleeve

There are a number of ways to finish off the look of your printed sleeves for boxes.
To complement our die-cut plastic and board packaging sleeves, we offer a range of graphic design and printing finishes such as embossing and letter foiling for your custom packaging sleeves. We offer full colour or black text as options to finish off your packing sleeves. Our packaging sleeves can then be coated in matte coatings, gloss coatings, and soft-touch coatings to truly enhance the sales potential for your products.

Plain or Colourful Sleeves

The colours used for your custom plastic sleeves and box sleeves are based on your preferences.
Whether your brand is simple and neutral or bold and multi-coloured, we can provide sleeves in a colour that suits your brand style.

Lamination Protects your Product

For a finishing touch that not only improves the look of your product but also protects your goods from damage, lamination is the way to go.
Laminate creates a protective layer around your packaging that protects the sleeve from smudges and scuffs, tears, stains, and moisture. Laminated packaging also makes your product stand out more!
Plastech offers gloss and matte lamination of your sleeves to make them look more appealing and safeguard them from damage, regardless of the colours that we are working with.

Custom Printed Sleeves

If you want to attract customers, try customising your sleeves.
We offer a range of printing services with a choice of gloss or matte finish for the lettering of your product packs. You can choose full-colour text or plain black text for a sophisticated feel.
Custom sleeves for boxes add an element of personalisation to your product with the various prints you can finish your sleeve with. Box sleeves packaging for a plastic box can therefore be simple and transparent or show your logo and branding while also showcasing your product.

Make a Statement with the Right Box

We manufacture and design according to your specifications. If you are not entirely sure of what you want your end product to look like our design team will assist you in creating something aligned with your corporate mission. We offer the choice of a luxury paper-lined box or promotional packaging, a simple custom cardboard box, or one with graphic design elements.
Sleeve packaging can make a statement for your brand and grab the attention of your customer so they choose to buy your product. 

Choosing Your Sleeve

We offer options for clear packaging sleeves and printed plastic and cardboard sleeves.
Whether you choose a clear packaging sleeve or sleeve packaging in plastic or cardboard, you can have it printed with graphic design elements to cover your plastic box. If you prefer something simpler, you can choose clear plastic packaging sleeves or product wraps without any sleeve design elements too.

Print Finishing Services

Our in-house team of plastic engineers and designers are also ready to add extra pizzazz to your packaging with our printing and finishing services. These include:
  • Packaging Design
  • Silk Screen Printing
  • Labelling
  • Hot Foil Blocking
  • Print Finishing and Assembly

Let our Experts Guide You

Our team can guide you through the entire design process.
We will work with you throughout the design process and use our years of experience to produce something that both you and your customers will love. If you haven’t decided on boxes for your product yet we can help here too.

The Perfect Box Sleeve for your Products

Our packaging solutions are designed to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. We approach every order with enthusiasm and attention to detail to ensure your packing sleeves are manufactured using industry-leading technology and the finest range of materials. Transforming boring plastic cartons into highly marketable product packaging is what our custom packaging sleeve solutions can do for you.
The plastic sleeves packaging and box sleeve packaging we offer is based on quality and aesthetic appeal, with your custom branding providing the finishing touch that wins over customers. Custom die-cut sleeve boxes showcase your product and add allure to your branding.
Let us work with you to create the ultimate aesthetic appeal for your functional custom packaging!

A Leading UK Supplier of Plastic Packaging

If you’re looking for any type of packaging sleeves (UK), then we are your go-to. Plastech Group is a Scottish packaging company that has been manufacturing high quality, high-performance plastic packaging for over 50 years. 
We are a trusted supplier to various markets throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

The Plastech Promise

The fact that we have been in business for decades is a testament to how we stick to our promises.
Our clients trust us to deliver exceptional products because we are consistent in our commitment to producing high-quality products and delivering exceptional customer service, on time, every time.

Ordering & Delivery

With manufacturing facilities in Glenrothes, Fife, we offer a quick turnaround service to most towns and cities in the central Scotland area.
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