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Standard & Custom Cardboard Packaging

Pack to Protect, Pack to Display, Pack to Sell

For hard-wearing packaging that is versatile and environmentally friendly, look no further than Plastech’s cardboard packaging solutions. Our packaging made from cardboard is functional, aesthetically appealing and ideally suited for the application of design graphics.

These boxes can hold a range of goods — from delicate items and presentation gifts to industrial products — and they are designed to offer maximum protection, even on impact. It’s no wonder they’re one of our most popular and flexible packaging products.

For short runs or bulk orders, we promise high-quality packaging solutions with our cardboard range.

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Cardboard Boxes

Corrugate Boxes

Presentation Boxes

The 4 Main Benefits of Using Cardboard for Packaging

Here are just a few of the benefits of using cardboard for packaging.

1. Eco-Friendly & Recyclable Packaging Materials

The board we use is recyclable, which is great for companies who require high volumes of shipping or storage boxes and are trying to reduce their carbon footprint. Boxes made from cardboard provide a more eco-friendly option while still offering quality protection and an attractive exterior.

2. Strong & Durable Boxes

Delivery boxes need to be durable and secure, which is why we only offer protective packaging manufactured with high-quality cardboard materials. Our single wall cardboard is designed to be hardwearing, but we also have a double-wall option for heavy-duty products and fragile items that need that extra protection.

3. Multi-Functional Cardboard Boxes

We have something for everyone in our cardboard range. Whether you’re looking for delivery/transit boxes or boxes for retail, gifting, or storage, our boxes provide high-quality, multifunctional solutions for your products. The versatility of cardboard packaging in function and design is a major drawcard for many businesses — big and small.

4. Convenient Cardboard Solutions

Every step of the way, we constantly ask ourselves how we can simplify things for our customers. Just one of the ways we do this is by shipping your boxes flat packed so you can save on delivery costs. This also means they take up less space when not in use or in storage.

The boxes fold flat easily and offer quick and easy assembly when you need to use them.

Standard or Customised Designs

We have an extensive range of standard cardboard boxes in stock for you to choose from when searching for the best packaging for your products.

We also have an in-house design team that offers customisation services for your cardboard boxes, including everything from package design to printing finishes for branding.

For packaging products that tick all your boxes, choose boxes made by Plastech!


Our in-stock cardboard range offers you true choice when it comes to size and dimensions. You will find everything from large packing boxes to small presentation boxes.

The packaging in our standard range is also available in different strengths, including single and double wall boxes. When you choose from the popular sizes in our standard range, you can order these in bulk or smaller quantities depending on your needs.


We offer custom cardboard packaging that allows you to personalise the size, design, materials, and print finishes of your boxes.

Choose every detail, from standard cardboard or double wall corrugate cardboard to custom shapes and logos. Designed according to your dimensions and other requirements, our bespoke cardboard packaging is quite literally made for you by experts.

Boxes for Every Purpose

We offer a variety of styles, types and sizes when it comes to protective packaging boxes made from cardboard. Our collection includes standard cardboard boxes, single and double wall cardboard corrugate boxes, and presentation boxes.

Cardboard Boxes

Our paperboard and carton board boxes are the go-to when cut-outs and printing are required for branding, promotion or a once-off project.

Carton Board

Using single layer carton board, our folded cardboard packaging offers customers high-quality packaging solutions that use unique designs to promote a wide range of products.

The cardboard boxes in this extensive range are made of carton board, which does not include a middle layer to lend strength to the box but is still stiff and sturdy.

These boxes can carry a variety of products, including heavy consumer items, wine bottles, and industrial supplies. Despite not being made from corrugated board, these boxes are designed to provide optimum protection from impact.


Another type of box in this range is our paperboard boxes, which are made of thin, lighter-weight carton board. This type of board makes it ideal for smaller, more delicate objects while not compromising on product protection.

One of the advantages of choosing paperboard cartons is that we can produce large quantities with our semi-automated die cutting and glueing equipment. We can also execute smaller volume runs on our platen machines and hand finish them, offering short runs at low costs.

Corrugate Boxes

There is no better protective packaging solution than our corrugated boxes.

Using single or double walled corrugated cardboard, these heavy-duty, protective packaging boxes are strong enough for everything from shipping to storage.

Our supply of standard and custom corrugate packaging boxes has made all the difference for our clients who want sustainable and reliable ways to store, protect and transport their products. Discuss your requirements with us and we can advise you on whether a single wall or double wall cardboard box is ideal for your protection and transit needs.

We can also use this corrugated board for point of sale displays by adding print finishings. Whatever the requirements, our team is well-versed in creating bespoke packaging solutions for every type of business and customer.

Presentation Boxes

Need style, strength and versatility? Our creative cardboard packaging for gifting, retail, award ceremonies and special occasions is the answer.

This printed cardboard packaging solution helps you make a statement with colour and class. Our in-house design and print team have a depth of experience in cardboard retail packaging to make full use of potential branding opportunities.

Available in any of our eco-friendly cardboards, your products can truly shine in our customised presentation boxes.

Options include paperboard, carton board & corrugated board.

Plastech can also provide sleeve packaging to complement your box and add to the experience for your customers or gift recipients.

Professional Packaging Experts in the UK

Plastech is based in Scotland but serves clients across all sectors throughout the UK and Europe. We design and manufacture packaging for clients across various industries.

Known and trusted for our competence, expertise and experience in all types of packaging — cardboard and plastic — we take pride in helping our clients do what they do best. We ensure that every aspect of your order meets your requirements and surpasses your expectations — whether its purpose is storage, protection or promotion.

For packaging products manufactured by specialists with over 50 years of experience in the business, we are the obvious choice. No package holds like a Plastech package!

Order Affordable Packaging with Ease

From small to bulk quantities, you can trust Plastech to supply exactly what you need, when you need it, at the right price.

We offer same-day quotes and free samples to assist you in choosing the perfect boxes for your needs. From design to delivery, we have you covered.

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