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Corrugate Cardboard Boxes

Plastech Group is a leading supplier of corrugated boxes in Scotland with clients across the United Kingdom and Europe. We have been making packaging for over 50 years!

We offer a low-cost short run option for the supply of all of your corrugated packaging, whether you need standard box designs or custom made corrugate packaging. We pride ourselves on our consistency and quick lead times.

Along with corrugated boxes, we also supply traditional cardboard boxes, presentation boxes, and cardboard sleeves, along with a wide range of high quality, high performance plastic packaging solutions.

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Corrugate Cardboard Boxes
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Corrugated Packaging Solutions

No matter the size of your business, our corrugated packing boxes can help you deliver on your unique offerings without the stress of whether your packaging is secure enough.

From small, bespoke, luxury gift boxes used for retail or e-commerce to large, industrial, protective packaging solutions for the manufacturing and engineering markets, Plastech Group provides a full range of corrugated cardboard box solutions.

As a leading Scottish packaging manufacturer, we can design and manufacture to your requirements. We have an in-house team of packaging engineers and designers who can advise you on the best type of corrugate cardboard boxes for your products and design the packaging to your exact requirements, including branded labelling.

Durable Packaging Materials

The protection of your goods depends on the sturdiness of their packaging. Our high quality corrugated cardboard postal boxes ensure this and more for every customer, brand or business.

When you order your corrugated boxes from Plastech, whether they are recycled or not does not affect how hardwearing they are.

While traditional cardboard is made from paper stock, corrugated cardboard is far sturdier and stronger as it is made from cardboard according to a structural design that promotes resilience. Our range of eco-friendly corrugated boxes are no different and will protect and preserve all contents, from office papers and supplies to industrial parts.

Easily Assembled Corrugated Boxes

Because our paper and cardboard boxes are shipped flat, we ensure that you can enjoy easy assembly upon delivery. As experts in corrugated postal boxes and packaging, our in-house design team makes sure that our cardboard boxes are easy to put together.

Recyclable Corrugated Packaging

Most people know that cardboard is considered the eco-friendly alternative to plastic, but did you know that paper and cardboard can be recycled up to 7 times? Our corrugated cardboard postal boxes take this further: they are made from recycled paper & recycled materials, so they can be recycled the traditional way or by reusing the long-lasting boxes again and again.

A Corrugated Box for Every Purpose

Cardboard boxes come in all shapes, sizes and styles. The primary uses for corrugated boxes come down to three simple purposes: to store, to protect, or to display. You will find all of this and more in our extensive range.

Storage Boxes

Our storage and archive boxes are the ideal cardboard packaging solution, whether in a factory setting, retail storeroom, or office.

As high quality packing boxes in the office, they can be used for everything from paper and heavy-duty files to computer parts and equipment. The fact that the boxes are corrugated means that the contents will be well-protected while in storage, whether it is kept in a quiet storage room or a busy workshop.

Point of Sale Display Boxes

Does your brand need something that can grab the attention of every customer that encounters your products? We can create high quality coloured boxes for point of sale displays, including product and bottle boxes with cutouts and printing.

We can make recyclable floor displays for an exhibition you have coming up or countertop displays to help promote and sell your products and brand.

Get in touch and we will get creative. Our packaging design team will personalise your packaging to give your product an edge that makes you and your brand stand out from the crowd.

Shipping Boxes

You shouldn’t have to worry when it’s time to deliver your products to their final destination. Corrugated boxes are the perfect industrial cardboard packaging choice to protect your products — paper or parts — for transit. We design durable die cut transit packaging to ensure your products reach their destinations in the same condition that they left your premises.

Whether you’re transporting petrol pumps, small engineering & auto parts, or important paper documents, our postal boxes can help. We take pride in consistently designing and creating solutions that fulfil our customer’s expectations.

Plastech’s high quality double wall boxes are the reliable shipping option for your products. Our industrial corrugated cardboard packaging is transit tested before being manufactured to guarantee customer satisfaction and safe delivery of fragile items.

Corrugated Packaging from Design to Delivery

We understand the needs of the packaging market, so our sales and design team can advise you on your bespoke corrugated cardboard box packaging requirements. We can provide expert advice and guidance from the initial concept to project completion.

Whatever dimensions you need your packaging products to meet, chances are that we stock those sizes in our extensive range. And if we don’t, we can simply design a corrugated carton or box to meet your needs.

Enhance your brand with our recyclable corrugated boxes and value added services.

Print Finishing Services for Corrugated Boxes

Protective packaging doesn’t have to look bad or boring. With a corrugated cardboard box designed by our experienced team, your eco-friendly packaging manufactured to your exact dimensions will easily catch the eye of potential customers.

Plastech Group offers various printing services to ensure your corrugated cardboard boxes have the finishes you need to personalise your packaging or entice your customers. Printing on packaging or postal boxes can enhance your brand and set your business apart from the rest.

Some of our printing and finishing services for corrugated boxes include:

• Guillotining
• Die Cutting and Creasing
• Folding and Gluing
• Packing

• Hot Foil Blocking
• Silk Screen Printing

Allow your office or workspace to focus on what you do best by enlisting Plastech Group to take care of all of your cardboard packaging needs.

Standard or Custom Corrugated Boxes

If you don’t find the perfect corrugated boxing in our variety of in-stock cardboard packaging products, we will be able to custom make corrugated boxes for your packages that fit your size requirements or feature your brand logo and colours.

As a Scotland based packaging manufacturer, our niche and strength is in short–medium run cardboard boxes. This means we are ideally positioned to supply to small boutique retailers, corporate office workspaces and the craft & artisan manufacturing sector, among other broad markets.

Order from Plastech’s Corrugated Box Range

For packaging you can trust, Plastech Group is the way to go.

With over 50 years in the industry, we can assure you that you will find the high quality cardboard solutions you need in our range. Recycled corrugated boxes high in quality, strength and aesthetic appeal can now be part of your standard packaging style.

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