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Clear Plastic Folding Cartons

When it comes to product packaging, nothing beats a clear carton. Transparent carton packaging has a practical shape, hardy material, and clear plastic to make it versatile and durable while also giving it more sales appeal.

Eye-catching and functional, Plastech’s clear packaging cartons with transparent plastic are the perfect choice for product visibility because they combine clarity and flexibility with a range of design graphics that can be printed in countless colour options and styles. We have an in-house design team who can help you create the perfect transparent packaging, such as clear gift boxes, to display any products you fill them with.

Plastech is one of the leading plastic packaging manufacturers in Scotland. We have extensive experience in supplying a range of clear and printed packaging to various industries throughout the United Kingdom. We have been in business for over 50 years.

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Folded Cartons

Box Sleeves and Wraps

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In addition to the huge range of standard products, can provide custom solutions…

Flexible, Stylish, Affordable

Plastech’s clear plastic range offers a competitive, versatile and attractive display and gift packaging solution. From small clear gift boxes for food, cosmetics and stationery to large clear cartons that can package industrial equipment and electronics, we do it all!

Our clear cartons are the ideal plastic packaging solution if you want a more cost-effective solution because there are no tooling charges and they are shipped flat.

From Cosmetics to Confectionary

Our versatile plastic carton box range is used for a multitude of industries, including food and drink (such as confectionery), household items and appliances, cosmetics and toiletries, stationery and office supplies, gift boxes, and various other consumer goods.

For cosmetics and items with unique shapes, we design and manufacture the clear plastic carton in shapes and sizes that match and ensure the printing does not cover important parts of the product. Branding and important information can be printed on the box or labels.

Designed for Convenience & Protection

Our gift boxes and folding cartons are supplied flat and are made to seal with glue or tabs, according to your design. Simply fold and tuck your product or gift boxes to create your chosen container shape. These can open to the short edge, long edge, or just one edge.

As with the rest of our transparent packaging solutions, our cartons are easy to assemble and pack. They are also highly durable — whether the clear plastic cartons hold food, beauty products, or items with a unique design.

Cost-Effective & Attractive

Our transparent folding cartons and plastic boxes combine convenience and durability with the ability to be printed on. The result is lightweight, attractive, and cost-effective display cartons that you can use to fill with products and place on display.

We also specialise in bulk orders, including printed packaging in any colour, further adding to the affordability of our cartons and clear transparent packaging range.

Bright and Branded

Not only do we offer sleeves in clear, translucent packaging material, but we also do a range of colour options. Available materials for your packaging sleeves include PP, rPET & aPET.

A number of print finishes can complement these to produce vibrant designs and strong branding that gives consumer products an aesthetic edge.

Eco-Friendly Options

As a more environmentally conscious plastic packaging option, rPET is one of our most popular plastics because it is made from recycled plastic. Recycled rPET is perfect for your clear packaging cartons if you want to reduce your environmental footprint.

The majority of food cartons have been made from cardboard in the past, but our cartons make food packaging reusable and, therefore, more environmentally friendly.

Safe Carton Packaging for Food

We can make folding boxes or clear cartons with lids that are safe to use for food.

Presentation is important when it comes to food, which is why having food and drink packaging that is designed to be safe and aesthetically pleasing is essential.

Whether you opt for a folded box or one with lids, our transparent plastic cartons are designed to keep the contents safe during delivery and while displayed on a shelf, whether it’s cupcakes or confectionery.

Only Premium Clear Plastic Packaging Materials

PET, PVC, and PP are some of the most widely used plastics for box sleeves and transparent plastic carton packaging because they are versatile, durable, and ultimately, reliable.

We manufacture packaging in plastics that can be recycled and that can be easily printed on for branding purposes so you can present your products with pride on the shelf. We only manufacture transparent packaging using the best plastic materials.


Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET) plastic is manufactured from recycled plastic packaging that would otherwise have gone to a landfill or been incinerated.

rPET is lightweight, strong, and durable, which makes for versatile see-through cartons.


Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate (aPET) is a strong, lightweight plastic with high clarity that is widely used for packaging food and beverages.

aPET plastic is flexible and suitable for Thermoforming, Silk Screen Printing, and Blister Packaging.


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a rigid polymer plastic that can withstand harsh impacts and extreme temperatures. Transparent PVC is flexible, lightweight, cost-effective, tough & safe.

PVC also offers exceptional clarity, ink adhesion, and chemical resistance.


PP (Polypropylene) is one of the most commonly used thermoplastics.

PP packaging does not react to acids and other chemical residues and is waterproof and resistant to moisture. This makes PP transparent packaging, such as polypropylene boxes and pillow packs, perfect for the pharmaceutical sector and for storing liquid products.

Choose a Plastic Carton Style

To ensure your products are protected and displayed in the best way possible, we offer three types of clear plastic cartons — folding cartons, plastic boxes, and packaging sleeves.

Each style is available in high volume orders with a rapid turnaround time.

Folded Cartons

We manufacture clear plastic cartons that are food-safe and sterile in customised or standardised options — all with our high-quality guarantee.

Available in a wide variety of shapes and with the option to create a custom shape, our carton range is as big as your imagination.

We manufacture these folding cartons in 4 easy-to-fold designs:

• Tuck End Flap
• Tuck End Flap with Slit Locks
• Envelope
• ‘D’ Lock

Our clear packaging cartons with tuck-in flaps and ‘D’ locks are popular because they are easy to fold or tuck in during assembly and once products have been inserted. These carton tuck systems make for secure closures, offering peace of mind that your products are sealed when in transit and on the shelf.

Clear Plastic Boxes

We manufacture transparent plastic boxes such as clear gift boxes in a variety of shapes and styles. Pack your products or gift items with pride with these clear boxes. Our extensive experience manufacturing clear PET boxes has created many durable and eye-catching solutions that have enhanced gift, retail, and food items.

Whether you want to use them to stock items that need to be visible or for products where the printed branding is of higher importance, we can create the boxes you need.

Packaging Sleeves & Wraps

Whatever doesn’t work well with folding cartons and clear plastic boxes, clear sleeve packaging can package to perfection.

We can design a simple sleeve wrap uniquely designed to fit the shape of your product as a packaging alternative to using transparent plastic cartons or boxes.

We also create plinths to accompany your plastic sleeve packaging.

In-House Clear Carton Designers

Your clear cartons do not have to be plain and forgettable. We have an in-house team of package designers who can create unique cartons that will truly enhance your product’s appeal. Whether you go for our standard range or made-to-order option, you will get packaging that perfectly complements your products and makes them stand out.

The finishing options for our clear packaging cartons include:

• Embossing
• Hot foil blocking/stamping
• Silk-screen printing
• Plinths and inserts
• Product wraps
• Carton window patches
• Plastic Euro hooks
• Assembly (e.g. to fold, glue or tuck your cartons)

Trusted Supplier of Clear Plastic Cartons, UK

Plastech is a Scottish packaging company with over 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing packaging for consumer goods in various industries.

Our design team collectively has decades of experience in ensuring that every customer enjoys the highest quality when it comes to our clear packaging and services.

First-Class Service — From Design to Delivery

At Plastech, we are here to assist you from design to delivery. We ensure that our whole process — from quote to delivery — is as smooth as possible. Our attention to detail has helped us become a trusted plastic packaging manufacturer in Scotland.

Our injection moulding capabilities and expertise in plastic packaging ensure you’re in expert hands when choosing us as your plastic packaging supplier.

When it comes to transparent packaging manufacturers who can consistently deliver high-quality, high-performance packaging, Plastech is the only name you need to know.

Ordering & Delivery

We offer same-day quotes, short lead times, and fast delivery on all clear plastic carton packaging orders. This also applies to our colour range.

We deliver our transparent plastic packaging throughout the UK and beyond. Our cartons are typically available for orders with a minimum quantity of 1,000 to 5,000 pieces.

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