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Boxes Made to Measure

Cardboard Boxes to Protect & Promote

We offer a wide variety of versatile boxes (plastic and cardboard options available) as well as the option to order custom cardboard boxes made to measure.

With our extensive packaging expertise and resources, you can personalise cardboard boxes according to your needs if you cannot find what you need in our standard in-stock collection.

Each of our custom boxes is designed with external and internal dimensions to match the size you need for packaging your products, big or small.

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Cardboard Presentation Boxes

Standard & Custom Boxes

Our cardboard boxes and plastic boxes are popular options for businesses that want to package products and customers that want to package personal items and gifts.

We have a huge selection of standard cardboard packaging in stock and this serves as a base when you are ready to design custom boxes. No matter how you choose to create yours, all of our custom made-to-measure boxes are designed for style, strength, and versatility.

Cardboard Folding Boxes

Our cardboard boxes offer packaging options that are perfectly suited for customisation.

Our cardboard boxes and cartons are manufactured from a thinner carton board or paperboard. It is a reliable and secure packaging option that remains rigid and provides maximum protection.

This board is also perfect for colours and printing designs.

Presentation, Display & Gift Boxes

If you are looking for something unique, our presentation boxes are the answer. You can work hand-in-hand with our design team for a specially created packaging and gifting solution. v

These are popular choices for award ceremonies and other fine product packaging.

Corrugated Packaging Boxes

We have a fast and low-cost process with our corrugate boxes, which allows us to manufacture sturdy cardboard packaging that can be used for storage and transportation.

Talk to us about your protection needs and we can help you decide whether a single or double-wall box is best for your purposes.

Custom Box Design Options

From ensuring the right bespoke cardboard box design to personalising the box size, we can manufacture a range of cost-effective but high-quality cardboard packaging solutions for you.

Box Styles

There are many types of cartons to choose from at Plastech. Based on the bespoke box style you have in mind, options include cardboard, corrugated cardboard, and plastic boxes for product packaging, while our presentation boxes are often chosen for made-to-measure gift boxes.

Along with regular cardboard boxes, we can also manufacture made-to-measure cardboard tubes.

Box Size

When it comes to the perfect customised box for you, your box dimensions will be based on what it will hold and the quantity thereof.

To decide on the size of your custom cardboard box, you must consider the length, width and thickness required for your contents. You can find this by measuring the approximate length and depth of the product you need packaging for.

Box Colour

You can also choose the colour and finish of your bespoke box.

While all of our cardboard is available in the traditional brown, you can make use of our print finishing services to spice up the presentation of your bespoke cardboard boxes to match your company branding. These printing finishes include hot foil blocking and silk-screen printing.

Expertly Designed Cardboard Box Packaging

We are experts in manufacturing custom cardboard boxes and custom plastic boxes — all according to your specifications (including inner dimensions and style preferences).

Quality, Quantity & Great Prices

No matter how many pieces you need, we don’t compromise on quality. We offer the highest quality packaging options and are even able to offer low prices on short runs.

With decades of experience, we efficiently design and manufacture based on your budget requirements and preferences with swift lead times.

Help & Guidance in the Design Process

With Plastech, you can get a same-day quote on the customised boxes you need. And if you are unsure of what exactly it is that you need, we can help with that too!

If you are uncertain about the sizes of our boxes or what you need for your products, you can get in touch with us and our team of experts will advise you on the sizing and customisation options.

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