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Cardboard Sleeve Packaging

Cardboard Boxes to Protect & Promote

Deciding on the ideal packaging solution for your branded products? Cardboard sleeve packaging is a great choice for a broad range of industries as they provide a sleek and professional look without breaking your budget.

A printed box sleeve is the packaging solution you need, and Plastech is here to make it a reality. We are trusted cardboard sleeve packaging suppliers in Scotland and beyond.

Choose from our range of cardboard sleeve packaging or create your own custom box sleeves. We specialise in stock and personalised packaging.

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Cardboard Sleeve Packaging Example

Plain or Printed Box Sleeves for Every Industry

Whether you need packaging for the fashion or food industry, Plastech offers standard and custom box sleeve packaging solutions across a wide range of industries. From food sleeves to fashion sleeves, we have done it all and can do it all.

Some of the industries we work in include:

  • Food and Hospitality
  • Cosmetics
  • Stationery and Office Supplies
  • Plasticware
  • Fashion and Accessories

Food packaging boxes, in particular, can benefit from food sleeves. Your products will be on display with all of the branding and important information on the packaging. Food packaging sleeves are also a low-cost way of adding branding to your package. They can be used for basically any product, from ready-to-eat meals to yoghurt packs.

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Why Cardboard Packaging Sleeves?

Retail packaging is half of the work when it comes to selling your products.

A cardboard packaging sleeve is simply the open-ended sleeve that goes over your product with your custom branding on it. It is a cost-effective way of creating an attractive look for your box packaging.

Product packaging sleeves are extremely versatile and come in a range of shapes, sizes and designs which are easy to print on. This versatility makes them a great solution across all industries, from food packaging sleeves to box sleeves for cosmetics.

1. Fully Recyclable Cardboard Material

The nice thing about using cardboard packaging sleeves to cover boxes is that you will be doing your bit for the environment by using a sustainable alternative to generic packaging sleeves.

You can rest assured that your packaging sleeve has been through all the correct processes to work for your product and be kind to the environment too. Using recycled paper is a cost-effective way to get your brand seen while being fully recyclable.

2. Fast Turnaround on Short Runs

Because of how easy it is to print your branding onto a box sleeve, with Plastech as your packaging supplier, we will have your printed cardboard sleeves ready for you in no time at all. We offer quality box sleeve printing with fast turnaround times.

You will also save money on your cardboard sleeve packaging by placing bulk orders.

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3. Economical Packaging Solution for Boxes

Not only is a printed sleeve sustainable packaging because it is made from recycled paper, but it is also good for your pocket. You don’t have to spend an arm and leg just to get your branded message with custom packaging seen.

Printed packaging sleeves can be done in full colour in a range of designs and styles using digital printing. Our materials are recyclable and printed in large amounts at a time, saving on printing time and your company’s carbon footprint.

4. Only the Best Materials for Our Packaging Sleeves

Our packaging sleeves are made from quality paper that has undergone the right processes to protect your product. They are sturdy and durable, making sure that your product is kept safe.

The protection of your product during transportation and display is important to us, whether it is a tray of eggs or something less fragile such as a set of plastic lunchboxes or a stack of lipsticks. Whether it is food packaging sleeves or sleeves for stationary, we only use the best materials. 

A simple product can be easily elevated when matched with beautiful custom-printed box sleeves.

5. Choose a Standard Design or Create Your Own

We offer a wide range of designs to suit your brand and offer digital printing. Our sleeve boxes can be printed in full colour and you can decide on the exact paper used with the help of our packaging design team.

Branding with printing has never been easier than with Plastech’s in-house design services. Your custom-printed sleeves will be designed to your exact specifications to perfectly package your product.

We bring your packaging to life with our cardboard sleeve packaging printing services.

6. Wide Range of Sleeve Printing Finishes

To create box sleeve packaging that truly makes your products stand out, you need the right box sleeve printing finishes, such as your brand’s graphics or colours. Along with manufacturing and printing cardboard sleeves for packaging, we also offer a wide range of services that will give your box sleeves the finishing touch to help them sell.

Whether you want a gloss finish or branded labels, Plastech can do it.

Gloss or Matte

Choose the perfect finished look for your printed box sleeves by deciding between a gloss or matte finish. Both options offer a great look, but depending on your brand and what you are trying to get across, one may be a better option than the other.

A gloss look may be a good look for a luxury item, whereas a matte finish may work better for an everyday product or something that promotes simple living. If you’re going for a more rugged aesthetic with your gift box, an uncoated box sleeve can look fantastic too!

Custom Packaging Sleeves with Branding

Let the Plastech team help you create cardboard sleeve packaging that will get your customers talking about and buying your products. 

Whatever the box sleeve size or shape, our trusted team will find a cost-effective solution that works for you.

We provide quality printed sleeves for all industries and we care about getting your message or brand values across to your customers. Your printed packaging can be in full colour or any colour palette that you want. We will create a sample pack for you to see what the end result will look like.

We can also print information on one side of your packaging sleeve and a design or graphic printed on the other side. Printed packaging has more sales appeal than generic packaging.

Designed Exactly as You Want, Down to the Last Detail

Our packaging sleeves are available in custom sizes, and you can decide on the slightest detail, including whether you would prefer it to be in matte or a glossy finish and all of the other extras.

Plastic sleeves can be used for a wide range of uses across many industries. Food and cosmetics look especially well packaged when in a custom-printed sleeve. We also offer hot foil stamping and embossing if you want a custom-printed box sleeve with that WOW factor.

The packaging sleeve finishing options are endless, and you will certainly love the end product of your custom sleeves.

An Easy Way to Enhance Products

Packaging sleeves are so simple to use. As your cardboard box sleeves have been custom made to fit your company with custom sizes, all you have to do is simply slide it on over your product.

A packaging sleeve is a game-changer in terms of saving you time and money!

Trusted Box Sleeves Manufacturer, Scotland

Whether you need custom sleeves for boxes, printed cardboard sleeves, carton box sleeve packaging, or custom die-cut sleeve boxes, Plastech is a trusted manufacturer of cardboard packaging sleeves and other cardboard and plastic packaging solutions.

50+ Years Experience in Manufacturing Packaging

We are one of the leading suppliers of printed cardboard sleeves in the UK and other packaging solutions. We have over 50 years of experience with designing and manufacturing packaging solutions such as bespoke box sleeves.

Plastech supplies branded box sleeve packaging and other types of packaging solutions, including food packaging and plastic trays in different designs and materials.

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