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Plastic Tubes

Same Day Quotes On Clear Packaging Tubes with Lids

Clear packaging tubes with lids are a real packaging boost for pretty much any product. No matter how basic your product, when you add the right packaging, it rises to a whole new level.


Cardboard Packaging

Custom cardboard boxes and sleeves with low tooling costs

We've set up our custom cardboard boxes & sleeves service to produce small runs economically & quickly.


Plastic Tubes

Plastic Tube Packaging Custom Made For Your Product

Show off your products in all their glory by working with Plastech.


Injection Moulding

Injection moulding products list

How we help our clients by producing the products and parts they need for their business using injection moulding.


Cardboard Packaging

Get creative with custom cardboard boxes for your products

With the right custom cardboard box packaging you can command a higher price and a bigger market share for your product. Here's how we can help.


Plastic Tubes

Using transparent plastic tubes to package and present your product

Using transparent tubes to sell your product can result in more sales. Ask anyone who has gone the extra mile and packaged their product to sell and they’ll tell you.


Cardboard Packaging

Get your tube packaging supplies from the UK's leading supplier

At Plastech we make our tube packaging with seamless perfection so there’s no interruption when it comes to appreciating the beauty of your product. It’s clear to see why we are one of the UK's leading suppliers.


Plastic Packaging

Clear Plastic Boxes With Lids For Stationery Supplies

Stationery suppliers have to fight hard for sales due to competition. Here’s a great way to make sure your products look great and save on packaging.


Injection Moulding

Types of injection moulding machines

We demystify the difference between the two types of machine used in the injection moulding process, share with you what we use at Plastech and why.


Cardboard Packaging

Are custom cardboard boxes more eco-friendly than plastic?

One question we often hear from our clients is whether custom cardboard boxes are more eco-friendly than plastic. Let's take a look.


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