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Get creative with custom cardboard boxes for your products

Published: 24/05/2019

Get creative with custom cardboard boxes for your products

Published: 24/05/2019

More and more people today are turning their hobby into a business. Making items and selling them on the likes of Etsy, eBay or at craft fayres is big business in the UK and beyond right now. If you’re someone who’s ventured into making things to sell or even buying items and upscaling them to make a nice profit, our custom cardboard boxes are for you.

Marketing your product to the max

Plenty of people are into making things and selling them or buying and re-selling. There are two key ways to get your product noticed on the market. One is price, and the other is packaging.  You can either choose to sell your product at a ‘bargain basement’ price in order to get sales OR you can package it and take it up the luxury scale.

Smart sellers go the route of taking their product up the luxury scale. That way, they can command a higher price for (more or less) the same effort. They can also make their mark on their target market, getting noticed for being different – for taking their product to a whole new level.

New to packaging?

Some people are keen to explore what packaging might add to their business but don’t know where to start. Others are put off because they’ve been in touch with packaging suppliers and found out that they need to order thousands of units for them to even listen. At Plastech we don’t work that way. We know that everyone has to start somewhere and that’s why we work with you, at your pace.

If you’re new to packaging, but aware that the right custom cardboard boxes for example, could help you command a higher price and/or a bigger market share for your product, we can help.

whisky presentation boxDIY or DFY (Done For You)

If you have an idea of packaging in mind, but aren’t clear on how to make it a reality, we have the team and the skills on hand to help. We’ll work with you to make sure the custom cardboard box you choose works for your product, your budget, your brand and your market.

Check out some examples for yourself

You can see some fabulous examples of custom cardboard boxes here. And here, you can see close up how our cardboard packaging is used to pack, protect, display and sell.  Our custom cardboard boxes are creative and cost effective. All of that said, if you’re new to packaging, making a decision alone can be tough.  

We’re here to help

If you have a product that you’d like to maximise in terms of value and price, and you suspect a custom cardboard box is what’s missing, get in touch. All you need to do is take a photo of your product, tell us a bit about your brand and market, send us the dimensions of your product and leave the rest to us.  You can even use our Quick Quote system on our website, which you can find here.  Working this way means you’re not alone.  It means you can tap into decades of experience to help your product stand out and sell.