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Are custom cardboard boxes more eco-friendly than plastic?

Published: 24/04/2019

Are custom cardboard boxes more eco-friendly than plastic?

Published: 24/04/2019

cardboard product packagingFor every product you can imagine, there’s a potential packaging solution. But is it right that we’re so obsessed with packaging? The fact is, packaging is essential for certain products, either from a hygiene point of view or for protection. But the big question we often hear from our clients is whether the likes of custom cardboard boxes are more eco-friendly than plastic.

Cardboard and plastic packaging

At Plastech, we manufacture custom cardboard boxes to protect products, to display products and to help sell products, so we are clear that there is a firm place in the market for this solution. However, we also manufacture a broad range of plastic packaging products. Take for example, our plastic tubes, which are used for everything from sea salt to expensive scents. And then there’s our plastic cartons which are ideal if your goal is to make a small or simple product more appealing. And finally our plastic lids and trays, which are typically used for greetings cards. So our stance is clear – there is a place for both cardboard and plastic packaging in the market.

Packaging and the environment

So, does the success of all these products mean that neither we, nor our clients care about the environment? Absolutely not. At Plastech, we know that our clients need the right packaging solutions to help their businesses succeed. Whether they need packaging because their product is fragile or needs to stay clean is one thing, but the other thing is they need packaging to help get their product noticed.

plastic product packagingUsing packaging to stand out in a busy market Many of our clients use packaging to differentiate their products from their competitors’ products. This is particularly important in a busy marketplace where consumers are spoilt for choice. Quite often, our clients have products which are more or less the same as their competitors, but they are able to command a higher price or gain more of a market share because they package their product cleverly using the likes of custom cardboard or plastic boxes. At Plastech we’re proud to be able to help our clients do this and to share their journey to taking their business to the next level.

Demystifying the cardboard versus plastic dilemma

There is much debate over whether cardboard is more eco-friendly than plastic. Plastic has hit the headlines of late as the villain of our oceans and the enemy of wildlife. But the fact is, cardboard isn’t entirely innocent in the environmental turmoil that we read about day in and day out either.

We have to accept that both of these packaging solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. You could spend an eternity researching and making lists, trying to weigh up which is better than the other. As we see it at Plastech, both cardboard and plastic need to be treated with respect when it comes to raw material selection, production and disposal. Sustainability is key. And that’s why sustainability is at the core of everything we do.

If you’re making a packaging decision and are struggling with the choice between custom cardboard boxes or plastic, we can help. Get in touch and speak to our team who will help you make your decision.