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Cardboard Boxes - Double & Single Wall

For versatile and hard-wearing cardboard boxes, look no further than Plastech’s folding box board packaging options, which are ideally suited for the application of design graphics.

Whether you need boxes for storage, shipping or selling, Plastech can manufacture boxes that suit your needs. We also manufacture corrugated cardboard box packaging (double wall boxes & single wall boxes) if you need something exceptionally strong and sturdy for more fragile products.

Our boxes can be ordered in bulk with short turnaround times, from slim-line postal boxes and folding cardboard boxes to jumbo cardboard boxes and bottle boxes.

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Cardboard Box Packaging
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Creative & Cost Effective Solutions… Boxed!

We manufacture a variety of boxes, including small and large paperboard and cardboard boxes that you can use as storage boxes, postal boxes, archive boxes and packaging boxes. We also have a range of bespoke boxes made from cardboard for wholesale purposes. These are cost-effective, made from recycled paper, and great for storage or for safely shipping products.

Our single-layer boxes can be made with cardboard or paperboard to ensure your products are well-presented and securely packaged for storage, transit, selling and delivery. Whether you need something simple like postal boxes or something heavy-duty like a large cardboard box with a lid, a cardboard box designed and manufactured by Plastech is the answer.

Affordable & High Quality Cardboard Box Options

Our high-quality boxes are among many other packaging essentials we manufacture. If you are looking for a durable packaging option, we offer packaging boxes that meet the highest UK standards at low prices, whether for small or high volume runs.

With Plastech, you can have cardboard box packaging manufactured based on your budget and preferences, along with fast and efficient delivery.

Cardboard Boxes

Paperboard Cardboard Box Packaging

Our cardboard boxes are manufactured from carton board that does not have a middle layer (corrugating medium) to add box strength but still remains rigid in structure. These boxes are great for holding various goods, including fragile items such as wine bottles and heavier consumer products like industrial products and electrical appliances.

Compared to other materials that often get used for packaging products, such as plastic, cardboard is preferred because it is recyclable — an important feature because it helps protect your products and reduces your carbon footprint.

Boxes made from cardboard can also be customised according to your branding preferences. We customise boxes with our print finishing services, which include box construction and graphic design.

Boxes made from cardboard are ideal for packaging products, storage purposes and for gifting. Our boxes for gifts and retail are available in many different sizes, including small to large cardboard boxes with lids — a secure packaging option for shipping locally and abroad. Choose these gifting boxes for secure transit, shipping, and delivery processes.

Paperboard Boxes

We manufacture Paperboard Boxes from a thin, lighter carton board that is thicker than average paper. These thin cardboard boxes are suitable for packaging smaller and more delicate products yet still offer good product protection.

Made from recycled paper-based materials, paperboard boxes make wonderful postal boxes. We recommend the paperboard boxes packaging option if your business sells smaller products because it is cost effective and can be personalised. We can create beautiful product packaging and printed branding labels with your creative input and our in-house design team.

One of the benefits of paperboard cartons is that we can manufacture high volume orders on our semi-auto die cutting and glueing equipment, which is perfect for bulk orders. We manufacture smaller volume runs on our platen machines and hand finish.

The 3 Benefits of Boxes made from Cardboard

Cardboard boxes have many uses and are essential for the safe storage and shipment of products or gifts. They also boast various benefits. These are just 3 major benefits of using boxes made from cardboard as your packaging solution:

1. Protective Packaging

We have a wide range of boxes, such as heavy-duty industrial cardboard boxes made from durable cardboard for maximum protection, even on impact. Our paperboard boxes are also a strong option for smaller postal boxes, despite only having one layer.

Using high-quality materials, we aim to create the exact packaging solution to meet your needs, and that will make your product stand out. Whether you need a small or large cardboard box, a folding cardboard box, or one with a plastic lid, we have it for you! Our packaging boxes can also be sealed with branded labels and wraps for extra protection.

If you need packaging with superior strength, double wall cardboard boxes are what you need. Check out our corrugate range to find out more about our double wall cardboard options.

2. A Recyclable Option

Compared to plastic, cardboard is certainly a superior choice when it comes to sustainability. Our boxes are made from recycled carton board, making them more environmentally friendly compared to other materials. They can also be recycled again after use.

3. Perfect for Transporting

If you want a stress-free way to deliver your products or goods, then our big cardboard boxes are the right choice for you. When you package your products in a sturdy cardboard box from our range with labels and wraps, you can expect them to remain safe during transit and arrive at your destination safely to represent your brand with flair.

Uses for Cardboard Box Packaging

Folding Cardboard Box

Our clients range from start-up companies who need small order production runs to SMEs.

Allied to our other packaging product ranges, we also supply high volume production runs to larger companies such as retailers and drinks companies who harness Plastech’s shorter lead times and cost effective pricing on their promotional projects.

Here are just some of the sectors we supply packaging to:

• Retail Packaging
• Gift Packaging
• Industrial Packaging
• Promotional Packaging
• Confectionery and Chocolatiers Packaging
• Food & Drinks Packaging
• Legal and Accounting Profession

Bespoke Designs for your Carton Boxes

When you are deciding on a cardboard box design, there are many things to keep in mind, including box styles, colours, sizes, and branding. Our Packaging Design team can help deliver creative and cost-effective cardboard packaging to suit your needs.

Using a combination of board, corrugate, plastic, foam and graphics, we aim to find a packaging solution to meet all your needs and make your products stand out. We can even manufacture lids for your boxes. Whether you need a cardboard box with a clear lid or multiple small cardboard boxes with lids, Plastech can manufacture it!

Cardboard Box Styles

We have a range of in-stock ready-made boxes, but our design team can also make custom cardboard boxes according to your specifications, from the dimensions and colours to the overall style. 

You can also make use of our print finishing services for personalised branding.

Cardboard Box Colours

We have boxes available in traditional brown or white, as well as print finishing services for you to create a unique look that matches your company’s branding.

Cardboard Box Sizes

Folded Cardboard Box Packaging

Choosing the right size is crucial for your products, especially if you want to elevate your customers’ experience. You can browse our extensive range based on the dimensions of your products or create a customised box if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

We can design and manufacture any shape or size — short or long cardboard boxes and everything in between. Simply measure the length, depth and width of your packaging contents and we can design and manufacture your perfect cardboard box packaging.

Print Finishing Services

Plastech’s print finishing services make the packaging process of products fast and efficient. Our boxes can be modified with your own unique designs for branding purposes.

We offer the following print finishing services:

• Guillotining
• Die Cutting and Creasing
• Folding and Gluing
• Packing

Trusted Manufacturers of Cardboard Boxes, UK

Plastech Group has decades of experience designing and manufacturing strong boxes made from cardboard for clients in various industries throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

As a well-known supplier of protective packaging, you can rest assured that our cardboard box packaging is designed with top quality materials to meet the highest expectations. Whether it’s a small order of storage boxes or bulk orders of custom double wall cardboard boxes, every order is fulfilled with precision and passion to ensure the best packaging for your products.

We also manufacture clear plastic boxes and plastic folding cartons.

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As experienced cardboard box suppliers in Scotland, Plastech offers a stress-free solution for packaging boxes with easy assembly and a quick turnaround time in most local areas.

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