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Plastech Group has been supplying specialised plastic medical tubes to the medical device industry for over 50 years. As a leading medical tubing manufacturer, we specialise in high-performance, high-precision medical device tubing products in all sizes for applications in the medical instruments, dental, veterinary, and ENT sectors.

As one of Scotland’s most established medical tubing suppliers, we have established a reputation for excellence by constantly searching for new ways to improve and consistently delivering the high-quality products and services that our customers demand.

Our medical tubes include burette tubes and manometer tubes. We also manufacture a range of plastic medical tube packaginginjection moulded plastic medical components, and personal sharps bins designed for the needle exchange programmes.

Plastech Group is a major medical tubing manufacturer in the UK. Get in touch with our team to order your medical grade plastic tubing today!

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“With over 40 years experience in the Medical Device Sector…”

50+ Years of Medical Grade Tubing

As experienced medical tubing suppliers, we have spent the last 50 years developing specialised extruded plastic medical tubing in the UK and working together with our medical device partners to ensure each product meets the required medical grade properties.

Each plastic tubing product is manufactured under strict quality conditions and standards within a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) controlled environment.

Our Quality Management Systems are certified to ISO 9001:2015.

Testing and Quality Assurance

As medical tubing manufacturers, we work hard to ensure only the highest standards when it comes to our manufacturing process and final products.

Every order is subjected to a stringent contract review process to ensure we have as much information as possible about the client’s material and specification requirements before beginning production planning.

Regardless of size (length, diameter, wall thickness, etc.), we test each product extensively and follow strict guidelines to ensure all our tubes have undergone a number of checks to guarantee they are of the highest quality standards.

Our plastic tubing production processes are also supported by specialist facilities.

Our Manufacturing Environment

Our medical manufacturing environment has been designed specifically for the production of burettes, manometers, medical packaging, and injection moulded components.

Controlled Environment

Our properties are equipped with laminar flow cabinets and extrusion, injection moulding, printing, and assembly facilities operating with a positive air pressure.

This controlled environment has:

  • 1 Extrusion Line

  • 1 Coextrusion Line

  • 2 Printers

  • Assembly Workstations


Our clean room has been designed and validated to BS EN ISO 14644-1 Class 7.

This cleanroom has:

  • 1 Coextrusion Line

  • 2 Injection Moulding Machines

  • 4 Laminar Flow Cabinets

We ensure operators wear the correct cleanroom garments, are properly trained in cleanroom procedures, and adhere to GMP regulations at all times.

Applications for Medical Tubes

Our medical tubes and packaging are designed to suit a number of instruments and components for critical applications in the Medical Instruments, Dental, Veterinary, and Ear, Nose & Throat sectors. We can manufacture medical polymer tubing in a variety of medical grade materials and in all sizes, depending on your needs and industry.

Some medical applications for medical grade tubing include the devices for the management and draining of fluids, respiratory equipment, and medical devices like catheters, biopharmaceutical laboratory equipment, IVs, and peristaltic pumps.

Types of Medical Tubes & Medical Packaging

Our medical tubing can be used for various medical applications and is available in a range of lengths and plastic materials, including Cellulose Acetate, PETG, and Polyvinyl Chloride.

Our medical grade tubing products include extruded plastic manometer tubes and burette infusion tubes.

The Plastech team can advise you on the best materials for your applications. For example, medical PVC tubing is popular for its versatility and durability, making medical grade PVC tubing very popular for medical devices like catheters and hoses.

We have also developed a range of protective packaging options for these thick/thin wall tubes, including:

  • Packaging for IV Catheters

  • Packaging for Thoracic and Trocar Catheters

  • Surgical Instrument Packaging

  • Orthopaedic Joint Replacement Components Packaging

  • Screws and Implants Packaging

Along with a wide range of medical plastic tubing products, we also offer the following services:

  • Packaging Design

  • Printing

  • Labelling

  • Packing and Assembly

Custom Medical Tubes to Meet Your Needs

Whatever design or materials you need, and whatever size (from wall thickness to length and diameter), we can make plastic medical tubes to suit your specifications. You provide us with the relevant information, and we take care of everything — from design to delivery.

Branding for your medical tubing supplies can also be done at our in-house printing facility. We can also mould and assemble your burette tube end parts in our class 7 cleanroom.

Get more information about our custom medical tubes by giving us a call on 01592 752212.

Our Manufacturing Processes for Tubes

As a medical tube fabricator, we design, manufacture, and test each plastic tube to the highest standard to ensure it is fit for medical applications, whether for fluid management or gas flow.

You are guaranteed high-quality medical grade tubing and peace of mind that each product has gone through more than one quality control testing process, whether you buy from our pre-existing range or have tubes manufactured based on your unique design specifications.

Our processes include:

  • Extrusion

  • Injection Moulding

  • Printing

  • Assembly

Medical Tubing Manufacturers, Scotland

Plastech is a leading medical tubing manufacturer & supplier in Scotland, United Kingdom. We have been leading the industry from Glenrothes, Fife, for over 50 years.

As highly experienced medical grade tubing manufacturers, we aim to design & manufacture reliable tubing using different types of high performance medical grade materials to ensure our customers get the quality they have become accustomed to over the years.

Whatever your needs — whether it’s standard industry tubes or custom medical tubing — Plastech will meet and exceed your expectations.

Ordering and Delivery

Regardless of the size or complexity of your order, we are committed to maintaining a quick turnaround time for our medical tubes.

As your trusted medical tubing supplier, we are committed to ensuring each customer gets the best service, from the moment they request a quote to the moment they accept delivery of their medical extruded tubing.

Request a quote for your stock or bespoke medical plastic tubes from Plastech today!