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Clear Plastic Clamshell Packaging

Design Versatility Meets Product Visibility

Plastech offers an exciting range of stock clamshell packaging boxes. With over 80 standard options, the variety and versatility of this clamshell product range adds a unique appeal to our wide range of transparent packaging solutions.

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What is Clamshell Packaging?

Also known as blister packs, clamshells are usually one-piece sealable containers made from two halves or trays connected by a hinge. They are designed to protect, present and promote products.

The most popular type of material for clear clamshell packaging is plastic — and Plastech Group is an expert in plastic packaging with over 50 years of experience.

Clamshell Packs

Clamshell Bowls

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The Practical Packaging Solution

Clear plastic clamshell packaging is a popular option with retailers as it allows the product to be displayed while minimising theft and damage. Clamshell boxes are tough and durable so they can withstand the rigours of transportation and handling by sales staff and consumers.

Clamshells also nest well when empty which can reduce shipping costs and lessen the need for storage space. When it comes to plastic packaging, clamshell containers are certainly the most practical option.

Clear Plastic Clamshell Containers

With clamshells, packaging is made simple. Our standard clamshell packaging range allows you to choose from a selection of over 80 types, shapes and sizes. We can also create custom clamshells according to your unique requirements.

Our plastic clamshell packaging is available as traditional box packs or in a unique bowl shape, depending on the application. From the restaurant and confectionery sector to clamshell packaging for retail, Plastech are trusted clamshell suppliers to various industries.

Plastic Clamshell Boxes

Our clamshells are available in box designs that are ideal for a wide array of products.

Common uses for our small clamshell packaging boxes include stationery, household, giftware, electronics, and accessories. Common uses for our large clamshell box packaging include auto parts, DIY materials, tools, toys, and sports and leisure products.

Whichever you choose, you can rest assured that each plastic clamshell box will be up to the high standard we have set for ourselves as packaging experts, and which our clients expect from us.

Round Clamshell Packages

Our clamshell plastic packaging bowls are designed to optimise your product presentation for sales counter promotion and self-service displays.

The shape of these clamshells differs from the trays and allows for easy customisation through the addition of a promotional card all around the display. This means that along with your product details being visible, you are able to promote your brand too.

Our bowl-shaped clear plastic clamshells (wholesale option available) are designed with you and your consumers in mind. These small clamshell containers come in 8 different models so that you can find the one to suit your products perfectly.

Custom Clamshell Packaging

If you can’t find what you need in our extensive range of stock plastic clamshell packaging or wholesale clamshell containers, we can manufacture custom plastic clamshell packaging according to your specific dimensions and requirements.

All of our clamshell packaging (whether stock size clamshell packaging or a custom clamshell box) allows for endless labelling customisations so that you can effectively communicate your messaging. Labelling options range from promotional cards and logos to stickers and instructional guidelines.

Whether you need custom clamshell packaging for wax melts or large clamshell packaging for equipment, if we don’t stock it we can design it.

Clear & Sustainable

All of our clamshell containers are made from high-clarity recycled APET (rPET) to ensure your product is clearly visible within and can be reused for greater sustainability.

Communicate your Message with Clarity

Our personalised clamshell packaging ensures that your brand and products stand out from the rest. Personalised clamshells let you tailor the packaging to your branding and display and promote the most important information about your products clearly and exactly the way you need it to.

As a leading clamshell packaging manufacturer, we know what it takes to create an appealing clear plastic clamshell package that effectively sells and promotes the products within.

Sustainable Plastic Clamshell Manufacturers

As one of Scotland’s leading plastic clamshell packaging manufacturers, we keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to sustainable packaging. We have chosen APET (rPET) as our clamshell packaging plastic because it is 100% recyclable.

Manufacturing rPET generates 79% fewer carbon emissions than producing plastic from scratch. This sustainable plastic makes our clamshell packaging extra lightweight, safe for foods and beverages, and something that can be recycled again in the future.

Expert Clamshell Packaging Supplier

If you’re looking for a clamshell manufacturer in the UK, look no further than Plastech. We are one of the leading custom & stock clamshell packaging suppliers in Scotland.

With our plastic clamshells, you are guaranteed high-quality plastic shell packaging designed by specialists. We ensure that each and every packaging clamshell meets our standards before sending it out on delivery, whether it is small or large clamshell containers.

No Expensive Tooling Costs

Cheap clamshell packaging won’t offer your product the protection it deserves. Our in-stock clamshell containers are made out of high-quality plastics but are still cost-effective.

This is because we eliminate the expensive tooling costs — all you need to think about is choosing the perfect large, medium or small plastic clamshell packaging options for your needs.

Order Custom Clamshell Packaging, UK

Whether you need wholesale clamshell packaging for the food industry or retail clamshell packaging for a small business, we can supply custom or standard solutions for your products and needs. Plastech Group is a leading manufacturer of clamshell plastic containers for various industries throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

Our manufacturing facility is located in Glenrothes, Scotland, so you can expect quick turnaround times when you order from our wide selection of stock clamshell packaging.

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