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Injection moulding products list

Published: 04/06/2019

Injection moulding products list

Published: 04/06/2019

injection moulding productsIn our earlier post we wrote about the injection moulding process in general and how we carry out injection moulding at Plastech. In this article, we want to drill deeper on the way we help our clients by producing the products and parts they need for their business using injection moulding.

Injection moulding is a precise, cost effective way of making Caps and Closures; Medical Components; Combs; Dental Components and Custom Industrial Components.

At Plastech we go further than just production though.

We know that many businesses don’t have their own designers, tooling experts or Project Managers. It’s for this reason that we also provide our expertise to clients in the shape of our Design Service; Competitive Tooling and Project Management.

At Plastech we can manufacture a small and simple product to your specification or we can work with you to create a full project and spec for either a single product, a complex project or a range of products. The choice is yours.

Injection Moulded Caps, plugs and closures

Plastic packaging caps, plugs and closures come in almost every colour, shape and form you can imagine. Made using an injection moulding process the caps and closures we produce are the ideal solution if your goal is a good looking product that is well protected.

With off the shelf and custom options available, we’re (more than) likely to be able to supply what you want immediately. That said, if you need something out of the ordinary or complex, we can still help. Using our complete design and manufacture service, you could be looking at your unique plastic closures sooner than you think.

Check out our Caps, plugs and closures page for more information.

Injection Moulded Medical Components

With 40 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of injected moulding, we’re the trusted partner of many medical components companies.

Our machines are situated within a Class 7 cleanroom and are specifically designed for the manufacture of small components. In addition, we have 4 laminar flow cabinets within the cleanroom for assembly.

We supply to the medical device market; ear nose and throat; dental; veterinarian and harm reduction sectors. Product design is carried out using 3D CAD software. This enables us to rapidly produce prototypes, speedily design tools and facilitate pre-production sampling and manufacture quickly and cost effectively.

Check out our Medical Components page for more information.

Custom Injection Moulded Components

The range of market sectors requiring custom plastic components is as wide as your imagination, but in the 40 years we’ve been trading at home and abroad, we’ve had particular involvement in these sectors – medical, food, confectionery, cosmetics, packaging, engineering and electronics.

We have the capacity to provide creative assistance from concept to completion as well as a wealth of manufacturing expertise.

Check out our Custom Components page for more information.

It’s for these reasons, and a whole lot more that our customers keep coming back as well as recommending us to other businesses.

If you’re looking for an injection moulding partner you can trust, you’re in the right place.

Why not check out our products for yourself? You’ll find more information about our Caps, plugs and closures here; our medical components page here and our Custom Components here.