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Plastic Tube Packaging Custom Made For Your Product

Published: 12/06/2019

Plastic Tube Packaging Custom Made For Your Product

Published: 12/06/2019

Plastic tube packaging is a great way to show your products off in all their glory. When you choose this way of displaying your product, no matter how simple it is, it takes on a whole new importance and appeal on the shelf. Our seamless plastic tube packaging can be custom made for your product and even printed and labelled in-house, so you’re not having to go from pillar to post to get what you want. When you work with Plastech, you get a whole team of packaging professionals on your side to make sure your product gets the treatment it deserves.

clear plastic tubes

Plastic tube packaging that promotes and protects

At Plastech we know that your product has to look good to stand out from the competition and get noticed by the all-important customer. That’s why we provide printing and labelling services as well as caps and closures, all of which helps present your product in a unique and desirable way. You can check out our solutions for yourself right here.

Short lead times that mean you don’t have a wait on your hands

We know that when you need packaging, you don’t want to pay a fortune for it, nor do you want to order tens of thousands if you only need a thousand. And of course you don’t want to wait forever. That’s why we’ve set up our systems so we have low tooling costs, short run possibilities and fast turnaround. All of this means that you can have the packaging you need and want, when you want it, at the right price.

A whole host of plastic tube packaging options

If you’re looking for plastic tube packaging for the first time, you’d be forgiven for thinking that plastic tube packaging is all the same. In fact, that’s far from the case. The plastic tube packaging that we manufacture and supply is used for retail display packaging; gift packaging; promotional packaging and industrial packaging. Some clients use it as mailing tubes; poster tubes; plastic core tubes and welding rod tubes. In fact, as the largest UK manufacturer of extruded clear plastic tube packaging, we have a whole host of experience we can share with you.

No matter whether you’re looking for thin wall, medium wall or thick wall plastic tube packaging we have the solution. Used for everything from confectionery to cosmetics, from toys to toiletries and bath products to beads, there are few things we haven’t packaged.

An in-house design team if you need help

If you know exactly what you want, finding it isn’t always as easy as you might imagine. But our experience and expertise means that we can supply to your brief, no matter how out of the ordinary it may be. And the great news is – if you have no idea what you want, we have an in-house design team that’s here to help create the best solution for your product.

Do you need a quote for plastic tubes?

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