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Using transparent plastic tubes to package and present your product

Published: 15/05/2019

Using transparent plastic tubes to package and present your product

Published: 15/05/2019

Using transparent tubes to sell your product can result in more sales. Ask anyone who has gone the extra mile and packaged their product to sell and they’ll tell you. The fact is, people place value on the look of a product and how it’s presented. And in most cases, that’s all about packaging.

Present your product in its very best light

Transparent tubes are a great way to increase your chances of selling more because people like to see what they’re buying. Imagine a situation where you have some sweets for example, you can package them in a cardboard box or you can opt for transparent plastic tubes like these ones you can see here. The advantage of choosing transparent plastic tubes like these ones is that they show your product off in all its glory. Its beauty and appeal is clear for all to see.

The other great thing about Plastech’s transparent plastic tubes is that we make them seamless. That means that there’s no joins to spoil the view or to clog up if your product sheds a few crumbs or the sweets you’ve packaged are sugar coated. With our plastic tubes, the star of the show is your product, not the tube.

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A simple, customisable solution

It’s not the case that the tube itself isn’t a star, of course it is, but it doesn’t take the limelight away from your product in any way at all. Our transparent plastic tubes are clear and open ended. They’re supplied with two closures so you can secure your product safely and firmly. What’s more, we have all the capability in house to brand your product however you want it. We can print directly on the plastic or we can print labels, the choice is yours.

Here are some examples of our plastic tubes in action:

Plastic tubes and containers

For flexibility and maximum visibility, choose these plastic tubes and containers. They are used for a whole range of different purposes from packaging craft materials to stationery supplies and sweeties. To be honest, what you put in them is your choice, we do our bit by making them look the part and making them fit your business and your product.

Plastic tube cores

If you need colour, we’ve got it covered. As you can see here, our plastic tube cores are colourful, sturdy and practical. Used for food products, twines, stocking net, labels, foils, plastic bags, stretch wrap and paper of all different sorts, they’re appreciated by a huge number of our customers.

Medical tubing and packaging

While fairly specialist by nature, these medical tubing and packaging products will give you a great idea of our attention to detail at Plastech. We’ve worked with the medical device and diagnostics market for years and it’s our attention to detail that keeps us at the forefront of this sector.

Take your product to the next level by presenting it in its very best light, check out our transparent plastic tubes and get the team at Plastech on your side.