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Clear Plastic Boxes With Lids For Greetings Cards

Published: 15/04/2019

Clear Plastic Boxes With Lids For Greetings Cards

Published: 15/04/2019

Boxes With Lids For Greetings CardsThe greetings card industry in the UK is huge. There is barely an occasion that doesn’t have a card to mark it appropriately, humorously, and/or lovingly. If you’re a supplier of greetings cards, you’ll know only too well that a big part of success is getting noticed – getting ahead of the pack and being the chosen card range on the shelf.

Packaging that helps your cards stand out

No matter whether you’re a small scale craft card maker or a larger scale production company, the way you package your cards is going to impact on how they’re viewed by regular and potential buyers. It may be that you’re packaging to sell better to retailers or you’re cleverly packaging to sell your cards in bulk to consumers in retail outlets. Whatever your sales process looks like, there’s no getting away from the fact that looks matter.

At Plastech we understand that, which is why we do all we can to make sure you get the right packaging for your cards. We don’t just manufacture. We go a whole lot further than that. For example, we offer a sample service, so you can check out the quality for yourself and a same day quote service, so you’re not left waiting.

A broad choice of card packaging solutions

Plastech has a wide range of options for packaging and presenting greetings cards that will help you get the market share you deserve. You can check out our services and options on clear plastic boxes with lids here. We can supply a variety of size and manufacturing options using the traditional solvent weld as well as an ultra-sonic weld process. We also offer recycled PET. And the great news is that you don’t have to order our clear plastic boxes with lids in batches of tens of thousands. Our semi-automatic production runs mean we can cater for as little as 1000 units.

We also have a really wide range which means you can choose from: clear plastic boxes with lids; clear plastic trays; slip lids with a cardboard base tray, or self-assemble, flatpack solutions. Or, for something different, D-Locks are really popular.

Boxes With Lids For stationery

Your perfect packaging partner

In short, if you’re a greeting card manufacturer or supplier, Plastech is your perfect packaging partner to get your cards noticed. No matter whether you’re breaking into the greetings card industry for the first time or you’re an established brand, teaming up with Plastech makes great sense. Our quality, great service, and delivering above and beyond your expectation is what we’re known for.

If you’re looking for clear plastic boxes with lids to package and display your greetings cards, you’re in the right place. You can check out our full range here. If you need help to make the right choices, we’re here for you. But if you’re ready to ask for a quote for your packaging, we’ll turn that around very quickly for you via our Quick Quote Service.