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Short Runs on Large Cardboard Boxes Available Now

Published: 26/03/2019

Short Runs on Large Cardboard Boxes Available Now

Published: 26/03/2019

The one thing that pretty much every transported or displayed item has in common is the good old cardboard box. Consumers take cardboard boxes for granted every day – sometimes seeking them out, sometimes struggling to get rid of them in a responsible way.

Cardboard boxes on pallet in warehouse

But a challenge that’s faced by many small and medium sized business owners is getting access to large cardboard boxes in the quantities they need. They often find that there’s no end of suppliers who are willing to supply them thousands of units, but they need tens or hundreds – not thousands. If this sounds familiar, read on.

Not all large cardboard boxes suppliers are the same

At Plastech, we know that every business is different and while some might need to order large cardboard boxes in batches of thousands, some might only need a short run. Not only are we able to accommodate short runs, we have packaging that suits pretty much every situation. Cardboard boxes, corrugate boxes and presentation boxes is what we do.

We can provide the cardboard packaging you need, in pretty much whatever shape, size or quantity you need. We know that your product might be small and delicate or large and industrial, but either way you need the right protection and, or presentation, and we can provide that.

Cardboard boxes

Our cardboard boxes are as versatile as they are strong. With no middle layer, they’re still tough and rigid. Ideal for heavier consumer items, we can even provide you with all the print finishing services you need. If you need a lighter weight option, then our paperboard boxes are likely to tick your boxes. With our Packaging Design team on hand to support you, you know you’re in safe hands.

Corrugate boxes

Irrespective of whether you need Point of Sale Displays, Transit/Industrial Cardboard packaging or both, we have the solution. And once again, our strength is short runs. So, for small quantities of the right boxes, we’re here for you.

Presentation boxes

The right presentation takes even the humblest of product to new heights. Our range of bespoke presentation boxes includes Customised Presentation Boxes and Presentation Boxes with Plastic Sleeves – both of which can be branded in any way you wish.

Short run large cardboard boxes now available

No matter what industry or sector you’re in, the chances are you need to box up your goods at some point. Finding a supplier who’s flexible over production volumes and who can offer a quick turnaround is far from easy.

The good news is that at Plastech, because we do all our cutting, folding and finishing in house, we can adapt to your needs. That’s how we’ve been able to successfully serve the Scottish sector for the last 20 years. We listen when our customers ask us for something, and proudly deliver the products you need to make your business a success.

No matter what sort of cardboard box you need, we can help. We’re specialists in short runs, yet have the capacity for long runs. That’s what makes us different to most of our competitors.

Choose Plastech – get maximum benefits in minimum quantities

We know that you need the right large cardboard boxes for your job. We understand that you mightn’t need thousands of them. And we appreciate that you need them turned around fast. That’s why we’re proud to be helping more and more business to pack to protect, pack to display and pack to sell.

If you’re on the lookout for a supplier of large cardboard boxes in small quantities, look no further, get a quote here.